T A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hip Hip HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOR T A!!!!!

It means.....


We are heading to China in 2 weeks and 3 days! 

MARCH 16 we are flying to SHANGHAI!

MARCH 19 we meet PIPPA!!!!!!!!

We will stay in Shanghai for the first week and then fly to Guangzhou, China for the 2nd week.

Our consulate appt is March 28!  Then we leave Guangzhou on Thursday, March 29 and take train to Hong Kong.

Fly out of Hong Kong back to the STATES!


( above pic is a sweet box of gifts that my friend, Terri, sent from Austin.. thank you Terri! .. I'll post more pics of fun frolic-y Pippa things soon!)

Wow... what a wait this has been!!! And how exciting this all is! To think that we have a date to finally meet our dear little PIPPA! It all seems surreal...and it will turn really REAL when I hold dear Pippa in my arms for the first time on March 19!

As for this time of packing and preparation.. please pray for Pippa and that deep within her heart.. she will know that her family is coming to get her.  I pray that her nannies will be able to communicate to her in a sweet and happy way that we are coming to get her and that she will understand.  I know she is in for a lot of change and I pray that she will be ready and God will give her and us all that we need.... as our hearts meet and we become a family!!

God is so good!  MARCH is the month!

Oh, and on a sidenote... we will be traveling during the CHERRY BLOSSOM season...... I can't think of a more perfect time.

Pippa plus Cherry Blossoms = beautiful.. beautiful!!