Chapter One: Creative Girl's Club!

We are officially starting Creative Girls Club in Birmingham, Alabama!

It started in my friend's heart and mind... Terri Hinojosa in Austin, Texas and is now blooming in other places too! One being here at my house!  It's Creative Girls Club!! 


Basically we get together with girls and share God's Word.... write down favorite verses and talk about them.  We also make things... bake things... paint things... craft things.... each week we will do something different! And my favorite part... we are doing this to make a difference!  For example, my friend, Terri, had a painting party and  all the girls painted special paintings to give to a children's home in Austin.  And now, that children's home will have art all over their walls! Go to glittered nest to see all of Terri's fun Creative Girl Club meetings!

Here in Birmingham, we had our first meeting this week and we talked about Zephaniah 3:17... one of my all time favorite verses:  "The Lord your God is with you. He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you. He will quiet you with His love. He will rejoice over you with singing."

I think if every one of us really took that deep into our hearts... we would be skipping around with more joy and love because we know that God truly delights in us... he sings over us!!  It's an amazing reality!  It gives us more boldness.. more courage... because when we know God DELIGHTS in us, we are not so concerned about pleasing the crowd.. or falling into what "the culture" around us thinks and does.   We move and live in a way that pleases God.. and in turn, we delight in Him as He delights in us! And we shine out His love in genuine ways!

After our Bible study time... ( oh, and also, for all you out there who think this is "perfect land" over here.. well, it's not).....

Let me back up a bit.  I have wanted to start a Creative Girls Club for a while, but have kept putting it off and making up excuses..... such as, "I'm going to China soon and I don't  have time."  But I was telling the neighbor girls about it for the past couple of weeks.  And then this Monday afternoon, one of the girls knocked on my door and asked in her sweet voice, "Are we having the girls club today?" I was in the middle of making chili...the kitchen was a mess..... so I thought for a second... hmmm... and then thought .. why not!  So I told my neighbor, " Give me 15 minutes and meet me back here at the house." I threw more stuff in the pot of chili... gathered Bibles and construction paper and pens and set them all out on the kitchen table. And then threw some Target pink valentine cupcakes on a plate, the girls came and the meeting started! 

The funny part was the chaos ( looking back!).... Rosie decided she was tired of the "longggg Bible study part" so she rolled on the floor and cried.."No one is paying attention to me!"  Then Sam was sitting on a stool cracking nuts with the nutcracker and the nuts were flying all over the kitchen...meanwhile I was trying to teach my "oh so spiritual lesson".... and thinking to myself,  "what am I doing and how will this really work??"

All to say.. life is not perfect... at all..... but I am learning and growing... and next time, will be a bit more organized and have things lined up for kids to do if the little ones get too bored. And the boys are going to have their own role in this... serve the girls cupcakes and raspberry spritzer or play football outside:)  hmmm.. wonder what they will choose? They may even surprise me!



We all ended up having a great time making the crafts.. which was decorating the room for the Valentines!  We cut out hearts and strung them all over the dining room. And we talked about what we wanted to do for the meetings and ideas for artsy things and also ideas for giving to others through our art.  One idea is to give fun treats to neighbors for Valentines... another one is painting little paintings for Pippa's friends in the orphanage..... and the list goes on!




I'll keep you updated with the club and let you know how it's going.  We basically have a few more weeks left until we get on the big airplane bound for CHINA!


Lots to think about ... and pray about... and dream about for our dear Pippa! Lots to pack and sort and organize!   And in the middle of all the "To DO Lists" and the Creatiave Girls Club,  my heart is ready..... and some of it is definitely already in China..... in that little room 1/2 a world away.... in a  Shanghai orphanage... ... my heart is right there with this precious little girl.... named Pippa.

And in the meantime.. while we are still waiting and packing... I'll write a little note in my heart to our daughter and it will say something like this:

Dear Pippa, 

We have about one more month or so until we finally meet you. Oh, I am sooo excited!! Wish I could be there holding you right now! But during these last few weeks, I'll have some girl clubs and we'll make some sweet things for your friends in your class. We will bring some lollipops too because it seems like you all really like those from the videos I've watched of you and your class.  I watch your video every night so I can memorize your little face and I love  how you cross your little legs and hold your hands together in your lap like a little dainty girl. I love the way you say, "bye bye".. I have listened to that one "bye bye.". a million times!  You have the sweetest voice. I can't wait for you to be part of our family and play with us.. .and be with us... I can't wait for you to join  this neighborhood girls club...You are going to love painting and creating ... I can't wait to teach you how to hold a paintbrush and use fun colors and paint with your pure imagination... so much to share with you.. oh so much!!!  And we'll start in baby steps with all these new things.. .I think the first step would be... how to learn a new language! Wow, you are about to embark on the biggest journey of your life so far! I am praying that your heart is preparing for us.... and that you will be ready:) Because we sure are!

I love you bunches!

your mommy