Spring is around the...


Definitely there are glimpses of spring popping up in our little neighborhood on the bluff!  I see it in the Tulip trees blooming and in the pollen that seems to be floating in the air.

And with the sunshine finally coming through today... thought I'd give a little peek into the studio. Have been making some sparkly happy dresses and shipped off some of those dress paintings to Atlanta yesterday. So they will now be in the" Spotlight on Arts" at Trinity School next week! It's such a great big wonderful art show and if you are in the Atlanta area and love art... don't miss out! It's super great and you will see all kinds of color and creativity!


With the painting time, I have a little helper ( aka Rosie) and she has inspired me to put a little sparkle into the dresses... and that sparkle has been alllll over the studio. It started with the cardboard houses we made before Christmas and I think it's multiplied a million times since then. So what actually is "sparkle"?  .... well, it's 100 percent glitter.. .and it's everywhere! Rosie loves playing with cups of glitter... bowls of glitter.... canisters of glitter...pouring  out into one cup and then stirring it all and mixing different colors of glitter....and then the best part.... decorating herself with glitter... all in the hair and all over the face:)  One day she said... "Mommy, if I was a sparkle.... you would  probably put me into your paintings!".....love her 5 year old mind!


So this sparkle glitter...has made little ways into the dresses..... .and I think it adds another layer of happiness.


Twinkle lights, flowers and sparkly glitter...... really, could we ever have too much?  







 Moving from January to February.... I think I'll just start calling February the "Gateway to Spring"... because today it is bringing it's smile and sunshiny ways!