The Future!

Am loving this photo....

Do you know where this place is?

It looks like something in the future... Jetson-esk.... I can picture little flying cars zipping by the globe tower.

But it is actually.....


S h a n g h a i!

Yep! We are going to future land!  Well, actually, it is probably far from futuristic... especially with the food! But it definitely makes me want to find this place in Shanghai, take pictures and sit and have coffee like these chic  Jetson-esk people are doing!

It has been fun doing some research on Pippa's hometown. Looks like the city has been very busy building since 1990.....


Pretty amazing!!


And here is the BUND.... it's apparently "the place" to go to in Shanghai and there are many shops... and pretty buildings everywhere.  I. cannot. wait!  It has been so much fun looking at pics of Shanghai and researching places to go to, but then I read about the air pollution... so have no idea what to expect as far as being outside and seeing the sights of the city.  I just want to make as many memories of Shanghai so I can tell sweet little Pippa about her "Jetson city"!

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into a city that is far far from the deep south!