The Red Thread Girls

As time gets closer to traveling to China, this group is becoming more special because we all have something in common.... we are all traveling to China to bring home our daughters!  It's called the "red thread group" and it started as a groupd of 3 getting together and turned into a group over 20! The pic of the girls below is with their China girl paintings and each one of us is heading to China in about a month to month and a half... it's amazing.  Each of these girls has a "God story" of how God worked in their hearts and led them to China.  Wish I could tell each one, because as I hear more of their hearts and hear more about their lives... it's all so encouraging!   


So last night, we had a "baby shower" for each other... we celebrated Chinese New Year at the authentic Mr. Chen's, we passed around "real Chinese food" and just enjoyed the time...... there is a certain electricity in the air because we are all waiting on important documents that will lead us to THE day when we get TRAVEL APPROVAL! I really hope hope hope and pray I can travel with some of them.... we'll see how fast our paperwork can move... and I hope fast!


The faster, the better.... I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to see our little Pippa... her pic sits on my night stand. I think about her so much and as time approaches and we get closer to gathering Pippa in our arms, I can't wait to tell her how much she is loved loved loved!


Some of the girls in the group are very crafty and sew and make the cutest things!  I absolutely love love love seeing Pippa's name stitched on fabric... printed on cards... it makes me so happy!


Yea for Pippa gifts!!


Yea for cute little clips!

The doll is a funny story... my friend, Rushton, gave it to me because it reminded her of the hair cut Rosie came home with when we adopted her... we all laughed about her hair because she pretty much had a mullet and her bangs looked like a visor!   And now, Pippa's hair will be very short because they cut it.. almost shave it in the orphanage so I'm sure it will take a while to grow out.. but it's just hair.. and hair grows:)   I'm just ready... more than ready... and getting everything prepared and packing list checked off and Target runs and now it's that nesting mode.... time to clean out things...... I think I'll actually clean out a closet or two... will see how that goes!