Glitter Houses!

Ok... to count down days to China, I am finding new Shanghai and Guangzou blogs to read at night and then I go through pics of Pippa and while looking through iphoto, also saw these fun pics of our glitter party we had at the studio right before Christmas! Meant to post these a lonnngg time ago!

Our small group from church got together with moms and daughters and we had a glitter house making time... if you throw sparkly glitter everywhere with cardboard houses, colorful paint, rice krispies treats, and a bunch of girls... you are definitely going to have super fun!



And we did!


Love seeing each house and the creativity!


It was really special because it wasn't just the girls making the houses, the moms made houses too!  And really, what are mommies anyway.. but grown up girls!



This is the one that Rosie started making and I finished:)



The happy, sparkly, whimsical, colorfilled village of glitter homes!..... What a fun fun afternoon!

Ready now for our Valentine's day craft!