Happy Chinese New Year!

Trivia: Do you know this movie... just by looking at the pic below?


Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola! ..... I love this movie because it is pure artistry and all my favorite colors are in it...( like the colors in the dress above. What can be better than candy pink? )

Love love the scenes of the food and how it switches from one plate to the next and goes really fast through clips.  So I watched the movie with my camera and would stop the screen when I saw the pic I wanted to take... yes, I am a nerd! But I'll have to say this is my all time favorite color/ artistry movie!... if that's even a category!


It's kind of like color theory class ( but since I've never been to a color theory class, I'm just kind of imagining what it would be like) ..... My color theory class would be all about candy colors, fruit and bakery stuff for inspiration....I am envisioning rose pink and turqouise candy dresses that need to be fluffy and girly!


Nothing like rose petals to make everything beautiful! Rose petals on bagels...  on fruit.....rose petals in dresses... in hair... in bathtub...... on grass......everywhere!




Double yum! 


This makes me want to live in a bakery right now and eat cream puffs! 


Really want to try this someday! Maybe at a monumental birthday party!  But it's now officially Chinese New Year so this pic can represent China's special celebration!  Right now, in China,  everyone is traveling here and there and it is one long happy week of reuniting with family. There are orange blossom trees and peach blossom trees placed in homes and businesses.  Banners are hung, presents given...paper lanterns glowing and firework shows! Sure there is probably champagne flowing too!


And now I'm wondering if there are French bakeries in Shanghai?


Plate on right could pass for Chinese?


American plate in middle, French on left, Chinese plate on right:)


Now I really want to make a big fat cake and lots of scones and cream puffs! Make them all gluten free and celebrate Chinese New Year!

And as I'm celebrating this week and eating pink macarons, I'll head to studio, remember these pics and turn these pretty colors and ideas into some painted mixed media pinky, red,  creamy white...valentine-y , Chinese new year, just- happy- because- we are heading to China soon..... dresses! And the "line" of dresses will be called "Pippa"!

Happy start to your week! And HAPPYYYY Chinese New Year!!