Sunshine and Cake!

This morning I woke up to many surprises!  First, I saw that we received our "cake pics" of Pippa.  We had a cake sent to her through an agency in China called Ladybugnlove and they are wonderful!  I opened the email and saw not just one or two pics of Pippa but 20!! Yes 20!  Her little precious face melts my heart.....I want to jump into the picture and say, " I love you Pippa!"

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And I'll have to say... she is absolutely adorable!!
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Oh, my.... I am in love with this little one!  Love how she is looking so curiously at the cherry that she just ate... she's probably going.. "hmmm, what is this little red thing?"

And on top of the 20 pictures I received this morning, the family who took the pictures that I posted yesterday just sent me several videos of Pippa and her little group that she is in.  I can't even begin to explain what a gift it was to watch her on video!  I heard her talk a little bit in the kindest, softest little voice... oh, I wonder what she will be like... personality?  What will she love playing with and what will be her favorite activities... what will make her smile?

Several parts of the videos I had to watch several times. One part was where the adoptive family who was videoing had their adoptive little girl give Pippa a lollipop.. it was precious.  The other part was really special because I saw Erin, ( the mom who sent me the videos)  patting Pippa's head... it was so sweet!  And what is so extra special is that I was just praying the night before last night that Pippa would receive love and kindness from someone in her group. And I believe God answered and had Erin as that answer.  I watched the video and Erin walked over to the little children who were  all in a row with lollipops in their mouth and Erin gently patted each child's head and talked to them. Pippa just looked up at Erin with those precious eyes and my heart melted.  To have someone give them one on one attention and look them in the eye.... is so important.  It's moments like these that I treasure.

All this waiting..... and waiting... and sometimes wondering... is this all real? Is this precious little girl really going to be my daughter? It just seems like the months go on and on.... and will the time really get here?  But just watching the video and seeing Pippa being loved and shown affection is a great comfort to a mommy's heart.  And to see all of little Pippa's friends and her little group gives me a greater picture of what her life is like... her daily life in the orphanage.

Amazing how pictures and videos can do wonders to our hearts!! 

Thank you Erin for taking time to send these... makes me want to do the same when we are at the orphanage and meet these children who just need a hug and love.

Happy day to each of you!