Happy Pink Day!

We woke up this morning to find wonderful surprises... new pics of Pippa! There is a family in Shanghai adopting right now and they are adopting from the same orphanage as Pippa. Many of the families get to visit the orphanage and when they do, they take pics and post them on the Yahoo site for other waiting families to see pics of their children.  Well, I had no idea we would see Pippa, but there she was... right there in the group! What a gift to see her precious little face!

Pretty little Pink Pippa!  I cannot wait to have her in my arms... and hold her and make her laugh and see her smile!


Love this picture!  All in a row with the lollipops....and Pippa with her little legs crossed... too cute!


Lollipops are the best! Yum!

And the sweet little lamby pink outfit.... they layer the kids in lots of clothes, so I am thinking Pippa is staying warm!

And want to share this verse with you... it's one I've personalized for Pippa... changing the "king" to "queen"... and the  "he" to "she".... and it's my prayer for her... how I see God giving her GOOD and smiling on her!

Psalm 21 ( The Message Bible)

"Your strength God is the queen's strength.... helped, she's hollering Hosannas!

You gave her exactly what she wanted... you didn't hold back.  You filled her arms with gifts.

You gave her a right royal welcome-

She wanted a good life and you gave it to her- and then made it a long life as a bonus-

You lifted her high and bright as a cumulus cloud.

Then dressed her in rainbow colors-

You pile blessings on her-  You make her glad when you smile."

So much of that verse weaves into adoption.... adopting Pippa.. the gift she is given and the gift we are given.... becoming a family... and the "right royal welcome". I think how God adopts us into his family when we give our hearts to Him... and I think about how He loves to bless us...and give us good!  Not just bless a little... but PILE blessings.... He really wants to.  Sometimes, I feel that God only wants to "half" bless... but the truth is that he wants to fully bless and pile on the blessings... and dress us all in rainbow ( joy filled) colors and he smiles on us! And He is doing that for Pippa!  He's piling blessing on her... he is making her glad when He smiles.  And soon, we'll be able to show her more of God's "piled on" blessing by loving her and showing her goodness...kindness, grace, and joy and His smile! 

What a priviledge and honor it is to be on this adoption journey to Pippa..... I count myself very blessed walking this road with Mike and the kids.... it's beautifully unique and each adoption with each one of my children has had that stamp of uniqueness which makes each one so precious. This journey is God infused.... I do believe it is a powerful spiritual journey....There is a battle of good and evil...we are called to pray and I believe prayer is a way to fight for the orphan and pray with fervent hearts.

Through these months of waiting with this adoption of Pippa, I've read more about her country.... the past and the present day China.... the view on women and girls... the view on orphans and orphan care and my heart has been broken for China.. .... It's the kind of heart -broken like a  porcelain tea cup falling onto a concrete floor..... shattering.....and then I pick up the pieces and try to make sense of the broken.  It's hard to wrap my heart around the number of orphans in China... the number of abortions each day in China.... the children who are going to bed each night so lonely..... knowing deep in their hearts something is missing.. but not being able to put it into words that spell... "mommy and daddy".   So what can I do?  I pray for China... for the orphans....for the mothers who have to give up their children for one reason or another....for Pippa's orphanage.. the workers... and the children....oh, the children.  God has such a very very tender place in his heart for them.  I wake up in the middle of the night and feel led to pray for Pippa and her orphanage and the workers in the orphanage... I know some of you reading are praying... and that fills my heart!  May we lift our hearts up in prayer for these children..... that God will work mightily in this place of China and among the orphans all over the world!  May they see and know God's love! Thankful that God is at work and His love can be seen everywhere!