A family that's waiting....

Going through all the Christmas photos, I couldn't help but think of all the love that is waiting for Pippa...so I decided to write her a little letter and give her a little glimpse into this family of hers....

Dear Pippa,

We are waiting for you... trying to wait patiently, but it's not easy.... we are ready... ready to love you... to hug you, to read to you and rock you and kiss you good night and hold your little hand and carry you and feed you and show you what family is all about.  Even though you have no idea what life is like on this other side of the world that we call America...... you have so much waiting for you!

Let's start first with Papa and Nana... oh, they will love you so much.... and can't wait to meet you!!

Nana will read to you and play with you.... Papa will smile at you and hold your hand.



Your big brother, Sam and cousins, Katelyn and Callie, will teach you all about going crazy at Christmas.....


And they'll show you how fun it is to throw wrapping paper all around the room!


They are really fun... you will love them!


Gee Gee and your big sister, Rosie, will teach you about sewing... or as Rosie calls it, "needling".

Gee Gee and Da will also play games with you and do puzzles with you and you'll soon learn to love the "gee gee bag"!


Sam will teach all about sports stuff and also, Pippa, you'll see lots of twinkle lights... everywhere.


Your cousins, Ben, Garrett, Riley, Miles and Claire will all give you lots of hugs and kisses and they'll sing funny songs and make you laugh lots and lots.


Family times plus a campfire is always a highlight to cool nights in the mountains or just at our home in Birmingham.


Your uncle, Brent and cousins, Katelyn and Callie with big sis and daddy will show you how to ring in the new year.. with sparkle apple juice, a toast and puzzle time....and for New Years we'll stay all cozy in an old log cabin dating way back to the 1790's... but really, compared to what is old in your country of China... 1700's are very young!


Family hikes and walks are always fun at Christmas time.... and we'll all teach you about exploring this great big beautiful earth.


But with exploring... we all get tired... so we'll show you how to take naps... or at least show you how we all "pose" for a fake nap...:)


See all these people right here...yes, all of them... every single one.....they are your family.. yes, family!...they are all going to love you sooo much!!!


And these cousins plus Sam will show you about adventures in the Christmas tree woods and what it takes to make a fort and an imaginary kingdom.


Sitting on rocks and playing barbies.. Callie and Rosie will show you all about it...


And then there is daddy... oh, he is going to be the best daddy to you.....  He already prays for you... he keeps talking about you daily and how much he wants to see you.  He'll teach you how to fly fish some day and how to paint with watercolors.....  He loves you soo much.  And then there is me... your mommy.... you haven't met me yet... but soon... reallll soon, we will meet.... our eyes will see each other for the first time and even when I think about that moment... I get teary eyed.   God in his beautiful way, has weaved us all together as a family..... and when you see all these faces... like the ones I just showed you..... these are all faces that glow with the love of Jesus.... and Jesus is in their hearts..... and someday, I pray the same for you... that you will see LOVE so big and so strong and  so true and so tender and so gentle....that you will want that same Savior and Redeemer who truly gives us the most




I love you dear Pippa.

We're coming soon,