Sparkles, Baubles,and Twirls

Loving winter in the studio..... the twinkle lights are strung everywhere.  And just because Christmas is over... I think these lights will be up for a while.


Studio days... Rosie twirling to some tunes.....She plays the nutcracker alllll the time on her little Hello Kitty cd player... loving that she loves such pretty music!( in fact the nutcracker is playing right now as I type:)


It's time for me to be in the studio for the next few weeks before we head to China.  Have some of my art in Saks in Atlanta right now.  So if you are in Atlanta, head over to Phipps and you will see all kinds of fun art that is sponsored by Trinity school.  Then Spotlight on Art is in February and I'll have lots of paintings heading that way to the show in Atlanta at Spotlight. After Spotlight... it will hopefully be packing TIME for China and we'll be heading to Shanghai a few weeks after Spotlight!! SOOO EXCITED!!!!

During January and February, it seems as if I go into hibernation mode.  The Christmas time is past... and onward to a fresh 2012! I love fresh... clean white page to write on... I love fresh white sheets right out of the dryer..... I love fresh new years.  And this one will be one of those sprinkled with glitter and love because we'll be bringing home our Pippa! And with all the Pippa planning mode... I am in pink sparkle creating mode as well!

Have plans to paint some fun girl paintings for Pippa and Rosie to place above their bed.... want to embroider some pillows for them... and make a magical playroom which means fluffy carpet... pink and white striped walls, books and dress up clothes and a secret fairy/ reading area. So we'll see how time goes.  There are always projects in my mind.. it's just getting them all finished!

Other plans have to do with these pics of vintage Christmas ornaments... they make me smile.  I love taking down these baubly balls off the tree and putting them back in their old worn out cardboard boxes.  I love the colors and the glimmer...  soft pinks and candy pinks.. and wintery silver...French blues... golds.

They all hold inspiration....  so it's time to paint some dresses that remind me of the colors and shine of Christmas baubles...









It all makes me smile... yes, Christmas is over.  In fact,  it's funny to think that just a few weeks ago, everyone was running here and there getting ready for Christmas and now... it's a memory.  But a sweet one.  In fact, I'll probably throw in a few Christmas pics now on the blog.... just because I like to look back and savor the time.  It seems that in the middle of it all, the time whooshes by so fast.  And it's nice to just sit and look at pics... and remember the smiles... the family time.


Along with my hibernation/ planning mode, I like to curl up and watch documentaries... I absolutely LOVE good stories about creative people.  So my top two right now are Bill Cunningham New York... it's a MUST see!  He is in his 80's and is a fashion photographer in NYC. He gets up in the morning and hops on his bike and takes photos all day of people's clothes... it's so fun!  He is so passionate about taking photos and also about the art of it all... and he lives so simple. He smiles all the time and treats celebrities the same as a janitor.. ( I love that!) He's so kind to everyone.. has a free spirit.... doesn't care about having it all.  He rides his bike all over NYC... that is his mode of transportation...he inspires me to ride bikes around New York at night.. when all is quiet and still.   Just spending an evening watching the documentary and watching Bill Cunningham and his life.. makes me want to be kinder and enjoy each day more!


Another documentary is Marc fact.. it's up there on my fav of fav's... Marc Jacobs is brilliant and amazing and inspiring....and he inspires me to be more free with my art... to listen to Canon in D while I create in the studio....  to throw paper around.... and try new ways of making fun whimsical dresses on canvas... of course they have to have lots of crumply paper and sparkles and glitter on them..... so that is what is up ahead for January...... 2012.

Guess I could go on and on about inspiration...papery dresses.... Pippa... adoption...... and China...... it is basically what is going on in my heart right now. 

Tomorrow  I'll play some Pachelbel's Canon in D in my studio.... think about Pippa.. look at her picture for the milionth time....paint dresses.... throw paper around  and enjoy this January...

and think about this:

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."  J. R. R. Tolkien