Countdown is ON!

Countdown is on for bringing home our sweet Pippa!  We are thinking we will travel first to mid March!!! And that is not tooooo far away!  We have had our LOA... check... 1800 approved... checked.. now we are waiting for a few more hoops to jump through and then TA.. which is TRAVEL APPROVAL!

So fun because I am on a yahoo site with other moms who are adopting from the same orphanage and sometimes moms post pics of their children that they have received from their agency.  Well, I had no idea there were some new pics posted and my Pennsylvania friend emailed and said she thought she saw a glimpse of Pippa! So I immediately checked the file of photos on our yahoo group and yes! there she was... our dear dear Pippa!

孙贤来新年蛋糕 002_缩小大小_2

The pictures were of a bd party and I cropped out the other children, but oh, those kids are all sooo precious! Looks like Pippa is with some energetic 4.5 year old boys.... so maybe she will be used to the unending energy that is all through this house!

孙贤来新年蛋糕 006_缩小大小_2

My heart melts for this precious little one!  I am soooo ready to bring her home! So ready to hold her... to MEET her... to give her all she needs..... to be her mommy!

孙贤来新年蛋糕 005_缩小大小_2

So the countdown....... January 12 today.......then there is February... and then MARCH!  And the spring will be on it's way..... and there is a precious pink little butterfly of a girl.... waiting..... and I'm ready for the spring to come... the birds to sing as we bring home our daughter... P I P P A!