Dear daughter, We are getting closer!!


Happy news the past few days!  We received our LONGGG awaited LOA last Wednesday! Yipee!! This is called the Letter of Acceptance from China!  It usually arrives between 30-90 days , but ours was after that!  So we were very thankful and happy to receive it! Plus, it means that we will most likely travel in about 2 months! Yipee!  I'm hoping and praying for end of February or first of March!

As we have been praying for our dear little girl,  I had a special passage for her this past fall. Our pastor is teaching through Hosea and it's Hosea 2 that really hit me and I realized how much this is for our daughter.  It says, " Behold, I will allure her and bring her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her.  And there I will give her her vineyards and make the valley of achor ( valley of trouble) a door of hope." I saw how powerful this passage is.... truly very powerful.  God is fighting for the orphan.... I feel it... I know it when I pray for our daughter and not only our daughter but as I pray for her orphanage and her little friends and ones who don't have that hope of a family yet.  Our daughter has not entered the world with "easy" at all.  She has not had a mommy and daddy to hold her and sing to her at night.... She has spent 2 1/2 years of her life in an orphanage.  I think about her so much during the day and at night.  At times I haven't gone to sleep well and so I just pray.  And it's precious to think about friends and family praying for her... praying that she will be safe and protected and feel loved and cared for.... and these prayers are going 1/2 way around the world.  I am sooo ready to have her in my arms... so ready! The countdown has begun..... our hearts are ready..... Am praying our dear little daughter will be ready for her family too.  Praise God!  He is so good! 


And I can't wait to see a smile on her beautiful face and see the sparkle come into her eyes! Her big bro and big sis will definitely help her in the smiling and sparkling. They are sooo excited about meeting her and loving her and playing with her and  just being with her and getting to know her. 


Our sweet sweet family.  You know, when I was in my 20's.... I had no idea that my family would come from different parts of the world.   And I think how wonderful it is to see Russia and China in my children....  I wouldn't want it any other way.  Adoption is amazing.  As I look at these precious faces... the faces of my children... my heart is full. Filled up with such joy and thankfulness!  God is good! Even when we see the "hard" in the day to day... or when we pray and pray and we feel like He is not answering us as we want....God is still listening..... He is still caring... He is still loving and He is good.  And all I have to do is look at this pic above.... and my heart says..."Yes, God..... you are so good!"  

I prayed for 2 years to have children... I pleaded with God.  And all the while in the pleading.. God was weaving such a beautiful plan.. and I am continually thankful of how God, in his kindness,  placed us together as a family.

Sam, Rosie and I were talking about adoption the other day and how God knew that our family would be put together.... even from the beginning of time.  We were talking about Russia and communism and China and underground churches and Sam said, "You know, if I was never adopted, I may have never known God." I looked at him... and said, "Yes, that's true ...and just think, we get to share with Pippa about God and how much He loves her."

And this is what  Christmas is all about.... God's tender love... a love so precious and strong and so true.... and this love is Jesus......This kind of love fights for the orphan.... for the broken... for the ones who think they have nothing to offer.....But God's love is's sparkling everywhere.  His Name is everywhere.. even being said among people who don't believe.  CHRIST-mas.

"Merry Christmas"....It's being said in cards and in songs... and on the streets and in the stores... and in homes and around dinner tables and in schools and church and work....  Christmas is in the air... God's love and light is here. 

 Christ-mas is treasured here in the Robinson family....  even amid these days that seem to whoosh by so fast.... It's  good to just stop and be still and remember the beauty and hope of Christmas.... Jesus... God with us.  God with Sam, Rosie, Pippa , Mike and I......

It's really all amazing.