Fa La La La


Decking the Halls... and we are happily "decked" and snuggled in with these cold Birmingham days!

Our 2011 Christmas tree has been voted "the best and fluffiest" of Christmas trees from our little Robinson fam.  Many years we have Charlie Brown type trees.. where they are really rather sad and small or lopsided and you can see through the branches.  But this year.. it's fat and fluff! Yipee!! And it smells soo good! I feel like I'm in a fir tree forest when I walk into the "happy room".  I think Christmas treees, vanilla, gingerbread and wood fire are the best smells for Christmas! Oh and snow too!!


Two smiles that I love:)



Little wooden girls who are ready for St. Lucia day... December 13.. that is very soon!


Glitter houses...



And lollipops hanging....


And the manger scene that we all love!



 My sweet friend, Terri, sent this adorable manger scene all the way from Texas and we have had the best time setting it up and of course, playing with it too.  Thank you Terri for such a sweet gift! It's the whimsy manger scene that makes us all smile!!

Hope your Christmas Advent time this week is filled with some song and sweet light of Jesus.