Advent and Sparkle


Season of Advent is here. And once again, I love love this time of the year.  Love the sparkle.. love the smell of Christmas tree in the air, love the twinkle lights of white and colors glowing. Love getting together with friends... love seeing family and making gifts and making the kitchen smell like "nuts and bolts" and sugar cookies and vanilla!

It's all a gift and reminder of God's delight that this is the time of the year where days point to Jesus.  The baby in the manger... and we are waiting... waiting for the celebration on December 25.  I usually pray for God to help me slow down at Christmas as I want to fight against the culture of hurry scurry to the mall, etc.  And it's almost comical because it seems like either kids get sick around Christmas or I get sick or I fall on ice and hurt my back ( like last Christmas). But thankful none of that is happening and we can savor each one of these precious jewel like days.  The days where we really think about what the lights stand for... it's all about Jesus... He is The Light...King of Kings and Lord and Lords!

...and with all the Christmasy traditions... we started a new one.  While Mike and Sam were watching the soccer game down the road this past Friday night.  Rosie and I decided to make a "sparkle dinner" and eat dinner by the Christmas tree.  We had sparkle water with lemon and burritos warmed up the microwave ( yea, that's not so sparkly) but it was just the fun of sitting by the tree and having the lights of the tree light up the room.  I love love having girl nights with Rosie....




And I kept thinking... I can't wait for Rosie and I to share our special "girl nights" with Pippa.  Oh, I am counting down the days!


We think of Pippa all the time and especially at this time of the year... and we are sooo wanting to be with her right now.  We are on day 90 of waiting for our LOA which is this very important piece of paper which basically means once you have that... you will travel in about 2 months.  And I am still hoping for a February trip to China!


So this advent.... we wait..... we wait for our LOA.... we wait for our sweet little girl in China.... we wait to celebrate Jesus's birth.  And in the waiting, our hearts grow fonder.  Some day we will see our Lord Jesus face to face.... the ONE who is the GIVER of all good things.... and the ONE who is giving us our dear little girl.

My heart is smiling as I write.  God is good... so good.  And my prayer is that this Chistmas, many will see and feel the love and smile of Jesus.... even 1/2 way across the world in an orphanage in China.