Update of our little girl!

We have received updated photos of our little girl!!! 

And I am sooo happy just looking at her... praying for her..... thinking of her!!!! Our daughter! Sam's sister! Rosie's sister!


How I wish we had her in my arms right now..... but I can't wait until we do have her in our arms... where we see her smile and laugh and play and run and where she can know and feel and see  and sense and hear how much we love love love her!


Please join me in praying for our sweet little girl as we wait. Am praying she will have caretakers that love her so much and show her kindness and care and that she will have nourishment and warmth and she will feel God's lovingkindness wrap around her even though she is 1/2 a world away.

My oh my...... It still seems so surreal that we are bringing her home in just a few months! The countdown is here!  It's October... and then November and then December... and whoosh January and February!

Time is a going by!! And we are getting ready to come and get you dear daughter of ours!