A Day on the Mountain

A Day in the Life at Crabapple:)   

( just a little glimpse into a day in the mountains)

Wake up.... coffee... porch time in favorite chair and favorite spot... looking at the mountains...


Overlooking favorite view with my little vase of flowers...( picked by Rosie and mommy)


The fireplace from the old house that used to be on the property.. am sure that fireplace has many stories in those stones. Mike teaching Sam some fly fishing techniques before they head out on river.



Spotted some wild turkey in the morning... and right in the backyard!




Coffee and flowers...... perfect combo dont' you think?



Perfect swing tree..... it looks like it just wants to start a conversation .... such personality!  I wonder if this tree has a nickname?


After breakfast and coffee time... which lasts all morning:

we head out and pass this red barn.  One day the barn doors were open and there were twinkle lights strung all around inside.... I kept wondering what kind of festivity was going to be in the barn... a dance... a party... a wedding... who knows! 


Destination from Crabapple:.... just meandering.

So we meandered to High Hampton.

Love their flowers.. the grounds at the High Hampton are beautiful even without the backdrop of the mountains... It felt like a garden inside a garden.


Back area of the High Hampton and more gardens.



From High Hampton... we headed to a meadow... here are little meadow flowers.

Don't you like that name?  "Little meadow flower".. I think if I were an Indian, I'd like that as

the meaning of my name:)


After sightseeing... hiking some.... wandering... meandering around... we drove back to the happy Crabapple and drove by my favorite tractor on a stick.  Don't you love that blue tractor set against the sparkles and glows of the red and yellow trees?


And we drove by the magic postcard place...


Mike made dinner.... yum!!!... the plating of the meal...


And the enjoyment of  good food..... double yum! ( But I think Rosie is done for the night.....)looking at pic... I can tell her mouth is full of food.... but it's just sitting there in her mouth.. no chewing which means... "I'm tired and ready to go to bed".. but she'd never ever ever tell us that. ( smile)

I thnk Sam is shielding his plate from Rosie.... funny how one picture can capture a lot!


Sunsets from the deck...... beautiful every single....



yes, coffee at night too!

and coffee in a handmade mug straight from a Cashiers potter makes it extra good!


The sunset on the last night we were in the mountains..... it felt like a big hug and kiss from God!


And the final day... heading back home.

We loved our stay at Crabapple and loved the time in the mountains! Each day glowed with color and fun and frolick.... and a big thank you to Katie and her sweet parents, Jim and Nancy, who so graciously opened up their beautiful mountain home to us!  One can tell this is such a special home when you walk in the door... there is a warmth.. a sweetness to it... glow of God's spirit and love. And throughout the home, there are precious photos of family and one can tell there are stories behind each photo.  There is one photo that caught our eye and it was Jim and Nancy holding their two daughters... one of them my good friend Katie!  ( the photo was taken years ago when the girls were little).. so we decided to have our kids do the same thing Katie and Lindsey were doing in the pic! 

Here it is!


Thank you Wall family! We made so many happy memoires!! And now back here in the Bham we are still talking about how magical it was up in the land of Cashiers... Big Ridge.. Crabapple.  Amazing how just a few days of rest and play can put more of a skip in your step and smile on your face!

Oh Happy Autumn!