Magic Land in the Mountains

Middle of last week we packed up the family and headed to the mountains... not any mountains but the beloved North Carolina mountains.  Mike and I both love this area and we both have lots of memories with our families and camping and hiking and backpacking.  I remember how my parents would pack up the car on Friday and we would head to Boone, NC for a camping weekend.  The weekend seemed like a week because we were on mountain sunshine time.  And I remember the campfires.. the hiking trails... the streams... the goldmine....finding that "just right" campsite.  And there, we would make our little home for a few days.  This time, our family headed to a new magic place in North Carolina. And I'll have to say it is my favorite mountain area... it is another fairy land.  The beach of 30A and Cashiers/ Highlands,NC... are my tops of favorite lands... that have that home heart feeling... that true sense of place.

We arrived in the land of Cashiers with trees displaying their Autumn show and I felt as if we were actually watching the leaves change right before our eyes.  By the end of the weekend, the mountains were glowing with golds and reds and oranges... it was amazing!!  Much to share on what we saw and explored and hiked....... and as for favorite adventure.....Our Robinson family voted and the mountain meadow was our all time favorite hike/ meadow!

see below...

imagine walking up this green hill....or skipping ( like Rosie!)


And at the top of this grassy hill... you see a meadow.... expanding and rolling and pure magical.

360 degree view.... all around..... you could see....for miles..... and all from a sweet grassy meadow on top of a mountain.


I felt that any minute ,Maria, from Sound of Music, would pop up and start singing, "The Hills Are Alive..."


Yes, it was frolick time!! And time to sing "The Hills are Alive!" Even without Maria!


Love this photo! Mike even looks like an Austrian or Swiss running around in the meadow!


And yes, I do think fairies live here.... think Sam and Rosie are looking for them...


Pure glee.


And the look of Wonder....


And gazing ... and just being in awe of God's beauty.


Oh, there is so much to share with photos....This place of Cashiers wonderment filled my heart so much because it was full of color.... and joy and farms on hilltops...and the smell of pinecones and acorns and leaves and dirt...and that pure clean air one only gets from being out and about in nature land.  I loved passing by Christmas trees farms... and cows...and horses....and red barns... yes, red barns!I wonder if they ever have square dances in the red barns? 


We stayed at the most perfect place... Crabapple! It was magical in itself and a beautiful gift to enjoy!!

And I'll write about that tomorrow!  But will leave with one picture that speaks so clearly of beauty :  rolling hills- green... .... tree- red ......and of course a barn!

We passed this red tree every day ... and each time I passed it I would just stare and smile... and exclaim, "Wow, that is amazing!!"  I felt like I was really in a postcard! Sometimes, just sitting and looking and smiling is the best thing we can do..... and soaking up beauty like this... means that we have to be still and enjoy and be truly in the moment....

This picture... this photo.... was definitely being "in the moment".




Happy fall to each of you!