Bluff Park Art Show!


This past Saturday was the Bluff Park Art Show! So fun to have an art show right here in my neighborhood! It was great to see lots of friends, neighbors and school friends and make new art friends too! The weather was beautiful! BLUE sky... perfect temp... and I think true fall is here in Birmingham, Alabama! It's a month we all look forward to here in the good ole south! Just wish it would last a little longer.. seems there is so much we all want to do when the temps hit that beautiful 70.

See pic below: these girls are my friends and true artists!! 




Love this pic above.. girls match the painting in the background and hair! These Bluff Park girls are so sweet!


My dear friend, superstar Paula! She is my show helper and does such a great job and makes me laugh all day and is pure sunshine in this art tent!  Thank you Paula!

And thank you Bluff Park! I love where I live!