God giving us Good... 1/2 way around the world.

Have been wanting to share this exciting news for a while...actually for months.. almost a year.   And now is the time.:)

About a year ago, God was stirring in our hearts about adopting again.  Mike and I took the kids on a camping trip the end of August and we had such a great time just being the 4 of us... but Mike and I talked how it still felt like our family wasn't complete.  There still seemed like a child was missing from our little family.  But what did that mean?

I didn't really feel a "call" to any particular country or foster care or domestic. UNTIL..a year ago...


 I stumbled into that vortex of adoption blogs...and not just any adoption blogs... I started reading China adoption blogs... and I started thinking bit by bit..."I could see myself with a little daughter from China... ( I think)...( maybe?). And seriously, China was not even on my radar for adoption until last fall.  But my heart for China grew along with Mike's heart for China.  I would sit on my bed in the evenings with the laptop and watch videos of families bringing home their daughters from China.  Mike would walk in the room and see tears streaming down my cheeks and ask, "Are you watching one of those videos?... again?" I would meekly look at him and say. "yep"...

He knew I was on my way... to something more than just sitting on the sidelines and watching videos and crying... And I knew that God was preparing his heart as well.


On October 22, 2010.  I was writing in my journal.... processing and writing,  then going to Scripture.  I usually go to Psalms but somehow I went to II Chronicles 6 of all places. I remember writing about living generously and what that meant for our family and how that would work out in our family. I remember asking God and praying out to God and saying,

"God, do you want us to adopt?"

"God, Is it truly your will for us to adopt?"  Really..... is this what you want? I was almost begging God to show me.... and I would continue asking.... .What about our life?... would it be too much for us?.... physically? emotionally, financially?  And then...

I looked down onto the pages of the Message Bible... II Chronicles 6....and read:

"And don't forget the foreigner."

"Who is not a member of your people Israel. But has come from a far country .... "

Out of the entire Bible... God led me to that section... those words.... just a few words... but life changing.

It was at that moment.... I felt a deep sense of awe and wonder and that God was speaking very clearly.

Do not forget the foreigner... the little girl in China ( I have her already picked out for you)..... this little one..  is from a verryyy far country...


I do believe that if we are seriously praying about adopting an orphan... we are walking on holy ground.  For orphans truly have a very tender place in God's heart.  He is for the orphans. He HEARS their cry. 

And honestly, I believe that on October 22, 2010, someone 1/2 way across the world was praying.. or just plain crying out.  It could have been the birth mom who had to give up her daughter ... or it could be the daughter who was now an orphan and crying out a childlike cry.   I have no idea where the cry came from.  Maybe in heaven I will find out one day...... but there was something so powerful and yet so tender and precious....and I felt like God was connecting her cries with my prayer...a  connection only God could make.. From His Spirit and His Words to America to China and back.   It is almost  surreal... but then again... isn't the spiritual life with God surreal at times in the most wondrous sense?

And there you have it.... I prayed... sought... called out... Mike and I prayed... sought God.. called out.

We were ready to adopt! And we knew God had a daughter for us in China!

And here we are 11 months later.......have done tons of paperwork .....now we are logged into China .... and waiting on a referral...basically waiting to find out who our daughter will be!!

This is all so exciting that I can hardly stand it! 

And it's very special to look back at my journal from last year and read pages from September and October.. ... what God was showing and revealing as the days progressed along with my heart and Mike's heart eventually doing flip flops for China!

God is good!  He is sooo GOOD!

I'll keep you updated !!!  Amazing that God already knows our daughter in China..... 1/2 way around the world!