Hearts and Love and Mom


Last week was a wake up call into reality... and realizing ( again) how things can change in a flash. Mom had a regular doctor's appt but that regular dr. appt turned into "let's get you a heart cath and surgery soon.... this week".

So life stopped for a week.  Mike, the kids and I packed up and headed to Cedartown, Georgia to be with my mom for her surgery. She had a defibrillator placed in her so it can help her heart function better and to pretty much  "save her life" in case her heart decides to a go a little crazy for a bit.  I am so thankful for the Ga Tech grad, Ben, who checked her pace maker and actually found the "glitch" and was diligent enough to check into it.  So thankful that we have hospitals and doctors and people who actually like blood and like opening up the body and helping it to funtion better.  So thankful, because I am not a blood and guts girl and am squimish at the sight of lots of blood. 

My mom's surgery went very well and now the big test is for her to rest and not lift over 5 lbs. for 5 weeks.  The other thing that is hard for her is that she is not able to drive for a while.  Plus, since my mom takes care of my dad full time, we have to have more care for him. 

All in all, these are the times where our souls and bodies run into adrenaline mode and we turn to friends for prayers and encouragement and most of all... these are the times our weary hearts and souls run to God. 

Hospitals and surgeries are always a wake up call to me because it just shows me how broken we all are...our bodies are frail... and nothing is "for sure" .. there is never that "for sure" "smooth" "routine" surgery... never that "for sure" easy life.  Life wasn't meant to be cotton candy. But oh, I am the first to want to live in "frolick land!"

However...reality:.... is:

There will be the trials. 

There will be suffering.

There will be tears.

But one thing is certain..... One thing I can claim... and I think I'm seeing it a bit more clearer..... as days and weeks and years pass in my life....

This ONE thing is JESUS. 

As Christians, we have Him always.... always... our spirits are always with Him.  God is always taking care of us and showing us His wonders and love and grace.  And when I really think about it... there is no need of fear.  But I see that I have so much fear.  And one of the biggest fears is losing someone I love. But as Christians... we really don't see death.. we really pass from this world and then home with Jesus.  It's comfort beyond comfort... it's peace that sinks in deep into my soul... my bones... it is a peace that runs in my blood and nothing... not even death can take that away.



And with that being said....... there is so much Joy in knowing that God holds us... has a plan for us... has a hope and a future for us!  And there is truly... No  ... absolutely N O  need to fear. 

And because of the hard in life... I am even more passionate to paint the joy.. to laugh more.... to live with freedom... to embrace the frolick.... To ride bikes and jump in mud puddles and splatter paint everywhere and be care free... to love more... to care more.... to make memories day by day.


Right now, I am sitting here and I'm tired... but extremely thankful.

Thankful that God has protected my dear mom and her heart. Thankful that her surgery went well. Thankful for my Sam and Rosie who make me laugh and who don't even mean to.  Thankful for Mike and what a rock he is and how he continues to stand by me.. through the hospital times... and through surgeries and through the dinner time tears.

Am thankful for the sun glowing through the clouds this evening... for a good dinner of fish cooked on the grill. For the fall air blowing in my bedroom window. For the sound of Mr.frog making it's cute little noise by the pond.

Thankful for stars and then for rest and sleep and for the sunrise for tomorrow.... which will be a brand new fresh day!

And most of all... thankful that God is the ONE we will always be able to run to.... cry to.... laugh with... sing to... paint for.... create for....live for.... and love.  We can always trust in Him!