New Studio!!

So many exciting things to share! So I'll start with:


the STUDIO....something that pretty much popped up out of nowhere!

A few weeks ago,  I was in my studio at home working and  sweeping and cleaning ( semi cleaning.. just getting dirt and leaves off floor)...and thinking, "Wow, wish it was a little bigger and I could have it all white and fresh." But it was just a passing thought. I have had dreams of a big white studio in a barn.. but thinking, that is wayyy down the road or just a dream.  And I am honestly embarrassed to have clients/ art camp kids/ friends want to actually see my studio because of the mess. And yes, it is quite the mess!

Then, Mike came home that very night and said, there is this amazing opportunity that you really need to think about doing.

And here it was.. the amazing opportunity..... the old historical Bluff Park School that is connected to Sam's elementary school has turned into "Artists on the Bluff"!  It has 20 studios/ classrooms that are open for 20 artists and Mike was telling me all about it and the vision behind it AND it is RIGHT beside Sam's school and 5 minutes from our house. I went back and forth, it all sounded amazing but I didn't know if I wanted to have a studio away from home. 

However, the more I thought about it.. the more Mike and I talked about it.. we realized it would be absolutely wonderful!  Andddd so here it is!!  Before pics:


cleaning... getting the vision for how we want it to look....


My little cleaners.. they were super great and helpful!


 And below.. the after pics! 

Welcome to my  NEW STUDIO!!


Natural light.... lots of it!!!

White floors!!  WAlls and walls  for art to hang... big canvases... S P A C E  =   HAPPY!!


Sitting area below... for kids to hang out.. for clients... for just frolick and reading and fun!


Loving the WHITE floor!



Loving this sunshine!


Loving this PLACE!


And I haven't even started painting here because I've been moving in this week.. getting everything ready and organized... oh, it feels good to organize a bit.. my brain needs more of that!


And my happy sofa and chair and very happy rug!! 

Sofa and chair:  Wal Mart.. yes.. walmart...

Pillows... discounted from $35 to $8! yea!! From Pier One

Rug: Homeplace... always a DISCOUNT

Bookcases:  IKEA

Paper lanterns will hang and we'll have a little white frig for fun drinks like sparkle water and almond and raspberry tea ( thank you Terri)  And oh I can't wait to get in here with music playing... and paint flying onto canvases.... have already some themes I'm going to work with this fall for my paintings and can't wait to get started in this sunshine filled HAPPY STUDIO!

So much more to share about "Artists on the Bluff"!!... So much to tell about the other 19 artists who have studios here! There are painters and woodworkers and potters and photographers....and landscape designers. 

And I'm sending a BIG thank you to the director, Rick, of Artists on the Bluff and Linda, who created this entire vision of making this historical building into an art community in Bluff Park  and Belle, who has given many hours and support and work to the making of this art community.

My heart is FULL and HAPPY and THANKFUL.

And as I'm getting older... I'm seeing how God works in the sweetest of ways and has plans for us that somtimes pop up out of the blue...... and we just need to have hearts and eyes open to see his PATH.

More fun news to share NEXT WEEK. 


Happy weekend to you!