Painting with New Friends

Summer 2011:

Another glimpse into the days of summer.  This glimpse is at the beach!  When my mom and I were at the beach in July, I had talked to a sweet mom by email about having her daughter and friend come over and paint with me.  They were from Texas and were staying at the beach the same week so we all got together and had a mini painting workshop!


Sherri and Kim, Lauren and Kate.... you all were super creative and talented! If you are reading this.. hope you all are setting up some studio space in Dallas and painting!! So fun to paint with you four!


Lauren and Kate picked out some of their favorite paintings that I made.  The Frost Bites was a new creation I just made at the Rosemary art show.


I was so impressed with the final paintings they made! So fun and beautiful!!


And just the other day, a sweet new friend, Karina, came over with her mom and we painted together.


Karina is in middle school and such a great artist! I saw her sketch book and her drawings of people were amazing.......along with her creativity. She draws everything straight from what she imagines.. without looking at anything... which is amazing in itself!!  It always makes me very excited to see young girls carrying that talent in their heart and then using it at a young age.... even in the middle of the busyness of tween and teenage life!! Can't wait to see what Karina will create next!!

Happy days with kindred artists making happy paintings!!  Love it!