Summer time and Rosie

Summer time.... wow, it didn't actually float by... it quickly flew by and now, I am looking at one last week before school starts... only one more week before that early morning schedule begins.  Yikes!

So want to make the most of these last summery nights and days... but also walk down memory lane of summer too!  Have been very sporadic in posting much lately but back to school means more of a rhythm which will be good.. ( I think)...

So with walking down the "memory lane of iphoto"... thought it would be fun to go through some highlights of summer 2011.  A big highlight each summer are birthdays... and Rosie turned 5 in July!


How I love my pink Rosie..... She is a delight.. she makes me smile and laugh and I can honestly say she's my little friend.  Had no idea how wonderful it would be to have a daughter.  To have someone that likes the same things I like.... Rosie loves to write and draw and paint and play barbies... and she also has a very whimsy way of putting her clothes together.  She carries bags wherever she goes... she has lots of bags and purses.... filled to the brim.  She is always carrying her "list" and paper and pen and we have fun playing "spa" and giving pedicures... having tea parties and just hanging out and being together:)



Love this pic of Sam and Rosie and daddy:)


Rosie's cupcake/ birthday day! 


Roses for Rosie .... a very happy birthday breakfast!  Complete with a hard boiled egg and presents!

One glimpse of happy times of summer 2011.

Happy weekend to you!