Day Three: Art Camp!


Oh, the last day of art/patisserie camp!  We had lots of painting to do so here it goes!!!

We finished the backgrounds to the bike paintings and then painted the whimsy fun frolick bikes. And then we painted the rest of the dresses and owls.  The girls had a choice between making an owl or dress so it was fun watching all the creativity buzz.

Also, in the French patisserie kitchen, Terri was teaching the girls how to make cupcake lollies and they were perfectly bright, delicious and happy!  If you want more info about the recipes Terri used, you can go to her blog below and it will take you to her website. And her blog also talks about camp too! So you get a double dose of camp frolick talk!


Love these owls and watching each girl use their own style by picking out their own wording to go around their dresses and owls and  choosing their favorite colors.. etc... was such a joy to watch!






Cupcake Lollies!!!! Yipee!


I just love what this owl painting says...  Love, Grace, Life, Jesus, Freedom..

oh, does that just make your heart sing?  And it's coming from this precious girl.... she has the sweetest spirit.  It really was amazing what the girls had in their hearts and how it came out on canvas... so sweet!!

I think we need more children's art in hospitals and schools and buildings and offices..... it has a purity and joy to it.  And it is all done with such passion and love and tenderness!


Terri and her daugher, Madi. ( pic above)

Tea time in the garden! So we had Almond Tea... oh, it was soooo good!!!! It was almond extract, lemonade and tea mixed together.. an amazing combination of goodness!  And with the cupcake lollies... we were all in bliss land!


Three cheers for art/ patisserie camp!!!


And the final creations of the paintings for morning camp!! Bikes and owls and dresses and cupcakes!!!!  Aren't they all amazing!!!



A special camper came from Dothan! Her mommy used to be in the youth group when I was the girl leader...... way way back in the mid 90's.  Jennifer ( the mom)  and I have had lots of memories and trips!! Belize... Sandtown, Maryland...... retreats in North Carolina...and more retreats and Bible studies...backpacking trips. ....... I loved those 9 years of working with teenagers at Covenant Presbyterian.  Very precious time in my life.  And it was girls like Jennifer who made it so special. Love seeing her and her sweet family!!!  And her daughter is a great little artist!!!  Hi Jennifer!

On a sidenote:  Jennifer was on the backpacking trip where I fell in love with Mike.. yep... I fell in love with my husband on a youth group backpacking trip- 1997.   Mike was one of the volunteer leaders and I was the girl leader.  I thought, "wow, he is cute and outdoorsy and loves God!"  About a year later, we were married! Now...13 years later, I still think he's cute and outdoorsy and he loves God!   And he's ok with having lots of  girls invade the house for art camp and turn it into a crazy place with paints and paper and brushes and baking sprinkles and baking stuff scattered everywhere!


More fun times in the ART ROOM! sunroom/ sun house!


Devotion time in the garden and eating the cupcake lollies.. I just like saying the word "lolly".. it is kind of like saying stuff in French like.. "on va la montagne!"

When my kids keep asking me for something and my final answer is no... I just start speaking the two French sentences I know and then they know I am "done" in the asking department.  And I love to speak French so it's better than saying.. "no" over and over!


The beautiful paintings from the afternoon camp girls!! Love them!!! Oh, and Momo wants to be in the pic too. He is the token art dog:) I love my little momo:)


Gift bags we made for all the girls:)


Terri's sweet girls and my sweet neighbor painting on the front porch. 


And last but not least.. dear Terri making homemade buttercream frosting!  I loved eating the macarons she made and what do you know..... after we cleaned and cleaned after camp.  She popped back in the kitchen and started mixing something else.  I said, "what are you making?" and she said, "you have to have homemade buttercream to go on your macaron"  She is the BEST!  I knew she was exhausted from camp, but she went that extra mile and she did that the entire time at camp.  She was baking constantly even in exhaustion.

She was like the baking fairy with a cloud of magical flour floating around her and she would glide into the kitchen and then before you knew it, there were cookies in the oven baking and macarons piped onto the cookie sheets and raspberry spritzers made with cute paper straws tucked into the pink cups. She thought of all the details and made everything sparkle! 

Thank you Terri for all the delight and joy you brought into camp with your delicious patisseries and turning my kitchen into a true Parisian bakery for 4 days!  

Camp was super fun and it was wonderful seeing the girls create and make art and bake and laugh and sing and paint and pipe frosting and eat pastries and drink spritzers and just enjoy being artsy/ baker girls! 

Thank you girls for coming to camp! And thank you Terri for being the true Patisserie Chef!! Thank you Abby and Madi for being super helpers! And thank you Jill and Lucy for adding more fun and frolick and music to our group!

I have a few more things to share about camp, ( it has to do with music!) but will wait and post it next!  Happy July week to you all!