Day 2 of Camp!



Each morning of camp we started with devotion time. Terri, I, and one of the camp leaders would play a little game and then we'd talk about the upcoming events of the day and read some Scripture and share what that means to us.

  I wanted to share with the girls not just about art and baking but also about the creativity of God and how He designed us uniquely to carry out our own gifts and talents in life.....and to show God's beauty to the world and share our talents and gifts with others.  It's one thing to do art and paint and bake and create.. but it's another thing to realize the ONE who gave us creativity, color, design and beauty and wonder in the first place...

It really all starts with Jesus....


Bible verses for camp:) Here are some of them... kind of fuzzy in the close up pic.. but you get the idea:)

And thinking about Bible verses, here is a quote about Scripture that I love:

"The Word of God is the most powerful factor in our lives." 

I do believe God's Word is absolutely so powerful and beautiful and life giving! It gives us strength daily... it really is like eating our daily bread... our daily nutrients.  Am wanting these girls to see that God's Word is a gift... and beautiful and powerful all together!  And the more we read it ... know it....memorize it... the more power and boldness, love and creativity we'll have from God! 


And here is the recipe for fleur tartelettes! ( just in case you are wanting to make some!)


So fun to go back through all these photos because it helps me "relive" it all and remember more of the details of the hours that whooshed by so fast!  Sweet Lucy the artist always made me smile. ( pic above) Love her little dollop of paint on her forehead!


And  Lucy's frolicky mom, Jill, with her frolicky cupcake apron and special cookie!  Hi Jill! 


So in the French patisserie kitchen, the girls learned how to "pipe" and "flood"... I never really knew about this special technique until I saw it.  You pipe the cookie with frosting and then "flood" it with frosting and the frosting stays put because of the piping.  Brilliant!  ( yes, I am behind in the baking world.. .but I learned something new!)


Fun art girls painting!  Love love the energy that comes from these girls and watching them laugh and paint and sing and dance around while they are painting! Makes me laugh and smile all at one time!  We had music going on constantly.  

Music + Painting is a must!   ( Still have Justin Bieber running through my head... "eenie meenie... miney mo"!!

Oh, and I just became a Bieber fan after watching his movie "Never Say Never".... Love that movie and the up close and personal about his life. Love that he is super talented but seems to have a good foundation and hope he continues to seek God in all the biz of his life!

 off on a tangent.. back to art camp!!


Happy Maggie!! She was one of the wonderful camp leaders we had! And she also made the most beautiful bird nest painting!


Enjoying the "tea time" inside the kitchen. It rained that day but I loved walking out on the porch and smelling the freshness... so nice to have those rainy days especially in the "hotness" of Alabama summer!


Some cheery creations of the eiffel tower and using the techniques of piping and flooding!


Aren't these cookies amazingly beautiful???


Colors and design.... so pretty...


And the attention to detail... beautiful!


Cheers to eiffel tower cookies! ( oh, and these cookies were not the normal store bought cookie dough from pillsbury... they were ALL from homemade dough and the frosting.. oh, the frosting was amazing with that almond extract in it.)  I want to put almond extract in everything.. it's sooo good!


Girls in afternoon camp finishing their cupcakes. ( pic above) 

The older girls  take a little longer with their art since they have more focus on details. It's fun to see the differences in the morning camp and afternoon camp. Morning camp is much more energetic and bouncy.  Afternoon group a little more focused on details... loved watching both groups create!!!


And then the last evening before the last day of art camp.

Terri, Jill and I were always tired and worn out after camp days,  but we still managed to talk and laugh  and just enjoy the evenings of hanging out, eating take out and getting to know each other.  Three moms from 3 different states but we all had several things in common:

love for beauty... in art and baking and creating

love for our families

love for 30-A ( our favorite beach land!)

love for France

love for TJ Maxx ( love for good deals!)  and Anthropologie  ( love for pretty things!)

And most of all.... Love for Jesus!

WIth those things in common.. we had much to talk about and laugh about and share life about!

Cant' wait to show you day three and the final creations!! Au Revoir!!