Camp Day One!



Sunday night.... June 26.  Day after my 40th birthday.  Getting ready for art camp!  House turned into a wonderland of tables and canvas and paints...... paper flowers.... sparkles and sprinkles and best of all....  the kitchen turned into a French bakery!


My friend, Terri and her 2 girls flew in from Texas for our art and patisserie camp. She led the French patisserie part of camp while I led the painting/ art part of it. And it was such a perfect combination!


Terri is the most wonderful baker/patisserie chef!!! Every morning during camp I would come downstairs and the kitchen would seriously smell like a French bakery!  Terri was baking the entire time and making the most amazing desserts. She made macarons.... have you ever had a homemade macaron??? They are now my favorite!!! Especially with buttercream icing. I could go on and on about what she created and baked and made and stirred and blended... but I'll let the pictures reveal what she made... oh, everything was sooo good!! It was so much fun having Terri here with her sweet 2 girls!! Terri is a sweet kindred spirit and just wish she was my neighbor so we could have art parties and baking parties all the time! 

My new friend, Jill came to art camp too! She's from Kansas City and she brought her sweet daughter, Lucy!  Jill and I had never met before and had only emailed but I knew she would be another kindred spirit because she loves Pride and Prejudice and Anne of Green Gables. And she agrees that Colin Firth is the ONLY MR. DARCY... yes!  That means she is definitely a KINDRED!  So there you have it!  2 women and their daughters came to our house and stayed. None of us knew each other that well, but by the time camp ended and each flew back to their homes... I knew we had all bonded in the sweetest of ways and made the sweetest of friendships:)


DAY ONE! We divided the camp up into two groups. So one group would bake and create some crafts while the other group painted!  So much fun!!!


The girls made whimsy and colorful paper flowers from coffee filters and cupcake liners!


Terri taught the girls how to make "Fleur Tartelettes"! They were true Frenchy tartlets and sooo good!!!!


No grocery store bought whipped cream... This cream was entirely homemade with a berry reduction sauce that went over the tartlet! Plus lemon curd was in the bottom of the tartlette! yum!!


And Jill helped with cutting the fruit for the pretty tray! 

I loved how Terri cared about every little detail of the baking part... how everything was made fresh and homemade and how it was presented in the most beautiful ways!!


Meanwhile, the girls and I were making FRENCH cupcakes in the sunroom ( or rather the "sunhouse" as one sweet little camper called it!)


Cupcake land!... the first layer before we added the "embellishments" of buttons and little jewels and more paper!


The finished cupcake creations.. so pretty and whimsy!!

Just love them!!


And loved the caramel chocolate cupcakes!!! I am always amazed by the girl's creativity!


Jill from Kansas City on left and daughter Lucy! Chef Terri and her daughter Abby on right! Day one was super great! Next is Day Two... guesses to what we created!!  

Coming up in the next post!!