Blueberry Day!


Oh Happy Blueberry Festival Day!  This past weekend we headed south of Birmingham to the magical place of Petals from the Past.  I love love it there. It is a nursery filled with antique roses and pineapple sage and lemon basil and rows and rows and rowwsss of blueberries and blackberries.

Acres of pretty everywhere.... a pond... fig trees....grape vines.... a really cool house with a porch wrapped around it. And the best part is that everything is organic so you can eat the blueberries right off the bush. So fun!

  This Saturday was the annual blueberry and blackberry festival with a little band playing, ponies ready for kids to ride, a petting zoo, face painting..... snowballs and all sorts of fun stuff!


Blueberry kid with the blueberry color shirt to match!


"Look Sam.. I hurt my finger".... says Rosie.

Sam... "hmm... I think I need to check some more blueberries and eat them."


off to the pony rides.... swish swish swish....


Rosie in deep thought.... "hmmm... do I like this pony ride or is it kind of "too baby for me?"   "Think it's time to go see the petting zoo."


I like it when goats rest their head on my arm...


Sam laughing with the baby goats.


Chicken petting... chalka laka... bing.



Why hello there little Llama......


Oh, hello there again..:)


a glimpse into the little garden... just one of the many many places at Petals.


And the all time favorite porch for just sitting and looking around... or just sitting and eating a bubble gum flavored snow ball.

Great day for the little Robinson clan. Something about being outside..... on a blueberry/ blackberry/ grape/ fig rose farm..... with acres of green things growing everywhere. There is something about picking fruit right off the bush and eating it.  And there is something about watching my kids  and hubby enjoy this green happy place called Petals:)

News for the week: Tuesday night I'm showing a demo of painting at our church's "Studio Night". I'm so excited! We have an art ministry at church and we'll have studio nights every Tuesday night during the summer and we'lll bring in different artist to show their technique, share their story of art and life and we'll all just sit around and paint together.  So if you are in Birmingham or close by and you want to paint.. head to Oak Mtn. Pres and join a bunch of people who love to create... we'll have newbie artists and seasoned artists all together. It's from 5 - 9 pm each Tuesday. Let me know if you want more info:)

Also, in ONE week... ONLY ONE WEEK away is Art and Patisserie camp!!  Things are being set in motion of getting everything ready and sparkly and welcoming for all the art camp girls!   Oh, I can't wait to show you pics of what we will be creating and painting and baking. It will be amazingly fun!  Let the summer frolick continue!