Music, cousins, painting, friends and laughter...


Some random pics of the last few weeks.... Why on here?  Well, they make me smile:)

Little Rosie (  family reunion/ Memorial Day weekend at the beach)  painting paper and making it marbled from shaving cream and dye.  Very fun and creative!   Gee Gee( mother in law)  is always great at making craft time special with all the grandkids.  They loved their creations! Thanks GeeGee for being so thoughtful and fun with the kiddies!


The swirls and colors and design in shaving cream!  It smelled good too!


Cousins hanging out at the beach.  playing the ukes... or rather trying to play them!  I love watching them have so much fun.  They all love being with each other and like to all bunk up in the loft and watch animal planet and have their own space. The big deal was watching the commercials of Sasquatch and scaring each other with "Sasquatch stories!"


Back at home with friends..... Rosie's little friend Ben is playing her some tunes...


Gabe and Ben rocking out and Rosie happily strumming along as the pink uke player.  Yes, you can call ukuleles ukes... did you know that? I am still learning how to spell ukulele... so uke is easier to type:)

Summer always seems to have good music floating through the air.....along with popsicles and ice cream trucks and new movies and old as well.  It's time to break out Footloose and Dirty dancing.... and watch them both and then dance to the music.  To be a teenager in the 80's... I'll have to say.. it was GREAT!