Summer Time and Art and Family


Happy Days.... Summer Days..... Art Show last weekend. Here are my business partners above... two nieces who make beautiful jewelry and beaded lizards and earrings and pottery necklaces!  They are super duper creative! And Sam in his ever so loved Tennessee jersey!  He is wanting to be a business guy but can't seem to find the "Time" between eatinging ice cream and running around.


Art Show in the ever so magical wonderland of Rosemary Beach on 30A.


And it wasn't scorching hot so that was an added plus!  Fresh off the easel :  painted bike.... another sparkling Electra!


Just started painting Seaside Chapels... so much fun!!


Have I told you how much I love the beach??? and 30A? And Seaside... ? And Rosemary? and Seagrove...? And WAtercolor... and ALys? And Watersound?  My goal.. paint all the landmarks that stand out to me at the beach this summer!  I really am in love with this piece of the earth called 30A.


Starting with a row of bikes.... just makes me happy:)


And of course a summer sun dress with sunshine words:)


Tent close to mine at the show: It's the sweetest family and two little girls helped their dad all weekend.... even with the heat and long hours, the girls did not complain once and they were so helpful and kind.  They wore pink cowboy hats and the oldest was 10 and she was reading one of my favorite childhood books... secret garden. 

Hmm... that book needs to become a book dress.  Will have more on Moore FAMILY FOLK ART in July. They were such an amazing family and they have a big urban garden in their backyard and sell their veggies on weekends in front of their house.  The girls help make the art and paint it ... and they are homeschooled and love to read!  I need to take lessons from this family! 


My niece, hubby and bro with the kayaks stacked up... ready for some Gulf of Mexico waters!


And for the month of June...we have special birthdays... my niece, my brother, sister in law, mother in law.. and my 40th.  The KRISPY KREME Birthday cake for Katelyn!  Love It!!!  That gleam in her eye.... makes me smile...

Oh, to be 11 and feeling that freedom and responsiblity of becoming more grown up each day.... yet still holding on to childhood......

Capturing the moments..... savoring them all.

We are back from the beach, art show... birthdays.... and sunshine time with family and 30A....

I miss it..... but back to real life..... studio... painting.... swimming pool days.....laundry....  and flowers that are chanting... we  need watering! 

Happy summer day to you!