Ukulele and Kindness...



Last post I talked about Wiley and how he taught Jill and I the ukulele.  He had such a happy spirit and I learned so much from him so I decided to write it all down in my journal.  And here it is:

"What Wiley Has Taught Me"

Watch the birds at sunset and during the day.  They really are fascinating.

Take time for others.

Make bird houses.


Visit nursing homes. Share your talent/gift with them.

Don't forget the sick and elderly.

Keep the twinkle in your eye.

Enjoy the moment.

Your gift/talent is meant to be shared with others

Don't let disease/sickness get to you- overcome it/ fight it with a happy spirit.

Talk to God- be honest

Eat oatmeal, nuts and blueberries for breakfast

Play the Ukulele and smile.

Help others.

Beware of pretenders- ones overly concerned with status, money, power.

Love simple beauty.

Take care of your yard.

Plant a garden and roses!

Wave to people as they pass.

Remember love.

Remember kindness goes a long way

Invite people to church- you never know, they may come:)

Show God's love everyday.

Have time with God daily in prayer and reading the Bible.

Jesus Calling devotional is a great little present to give to others.


There you have it...... what I learned from a man who loves God with all his heart and has such joy... and he gives his joy away by going to the nursing home every week and playing the ukulele and singing and smiling and spending time with people. He's the kind of person who makes me want to be kinder.

Thank you Wiley. Thank you for showing Jesus.:)