Happy Day! Happy 4-0!


OH Happy Day!  Just spent last week with one of my dear friends and we celebrated turning that sparkly age... FORTY!  Her bd is February, mine is June... .So May was the month we picked!


Such a magical week!  One that is good for the soul, and heart and Jill ( aka Jilly Bean) is one of my playful, funny friends who makes me laugh every 5 minutes.  So we laughed and laughed... .and played... and I felt like I was 8 years old and 15 years old.... all weaved together. 


We learned how to play the ukulele from the kindest and happiest of 70 year olds, Wiley!  He was an added sunshine to our week!  Thank you Wiley!!


We rode our happy frolicky bikes everyday....


And rode down wooden pathways that wandered to the sea.........Each day seemed to say, "YIPPEEE!"

Yea for life! Yea for the past 40 years... and looking forward to the next 40 and what God has in store...

All under His SWEET SMILE!