Days in a 4 year old's life


Hi, It's me Rosie!  Thought I'd give you a glimpse into the past week.

Mommy has been painting lots, so that means I'm painting lots too! Because I am mommy's helper and I'm getting things ready for the upcoming art show this weekend. Today, I'm painting pretty yellow ladybanks roses.

Oh, also, I like to wear princess dresses every single day.  I have my Snow White dress on in this picture. I think my Belle dress is getting a little dirty since I've worn it every day for the past month or two. Mommy needs to wash it. I think when you are a four year old girl, you should wear princess dresses every day.


I have so much fun painting... I paint the flowers and then tape then on to the paper.  Mommy cut some veggies up, and we painted them and stamped them on paper...So much fun! 

Oh, did I tell you I'm mommy's helper? I am!


Uh oh... here's me.. and I'm pouting.  I think I was just being grumpy. Mommy says we all have grumpy times.  And I was just tired of sitting around... well, I think I was mad because I couldn't have some bubble gum... and I was kind of tired of watching the lacrosse game.


Here's my big brother playing lacrosse.... his team is called the owls.. oh, I mean the Hawks and I like their black outfits. Sam has the blue shoes and is number 14.


Yea! I'm back painting again! I love these big tube paints and I painted cupcakes with mommy.  yipeee! So much fun!

This one is going in the art show.


Like my outfit?  I put it all together.  But I have some sort of bad mood face.  Not sure what that is about. But there you go....... my different days of the week... and moods!

Did I tell you I'm mommy's helper and.......a fashionista? Yep, I am.