New Works



Spring is whirling around with pink petals from Cherry Blossoms floating down  and white puffy Dogwoods making their grand entrance into this season.  It's my favorite time of the year... b e a u t i f u l! 

And with the bursting of blooms and bright yellow sunshine days, art shows are in full force. 

Fairhope was a great show and it was such a highlight to see ones come to the show who have bought before and also I feel like I'm getting to know people in that sweet town....It is a true small town atmosphere yet art filled wonderland with mossy trees and quaint little streets with story book homes, plus lots of smiles and good food. Oh, we found our favorite restaurant... Master Joes. Very good sushi! And my tent was close to the kettle corn... yum!!

I'm back to the studio or rather everywhere with the painting.  Painting in sunroom, outside, kitchen, dining room table, studio, playroom, etc.  So this home is getting it's share of paint splatters here and there.

And with the painting land, comes the fun in creating new pieces.

My motto for painting: Paint what makes me happy.  And so, here we go:

Painting one. ( above)... chair with my fav books of all time. 

Anne of Green Gables

Little Women

Pride and Prejudice..... I just don't think anyone can get better than the love story that Jane Austen created between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth.  Gilbert and Anne are second runners up!  Oh, Anne... she is one of a kind wonderful!


Painting two: Barns and more barns.... love barns.. always will.


Painting 3 and 4....Churches.


Mike and I love the church we go to... and the more I am getting to know this church... and the people... the more I love it.  The pastor speaks so clearly and beautifully of grace and needing the Gospel everyday.  I'm truly thankful for the body of Christ....and how we can help each other point to Jesus in the day to day journey of life.  


Last but not least.... what is making me happy right now...

along with barns and books and churches.....

CAMPERS! Yes... sweet little gumdrop... dew drop...tear drop campers! They make me smile..

Someday.. maybe when I'm 80, I'd like to have a pink camper and travel around the United States with my hubby!

So there you go..... happines in painting. What's in the heart and mind, definitely pops out when paint brush is in hand.

More to come this week!

Happy spring to each of you!