A Valentine Fairytale


This is how I feel this day... walking the road in pink boots!!

This road of life..... it's filled with pebbles, rocks and valleys, clouds... and tears.

but it's also filled with glowing faces, sparkly eyes, love, sunshine, flowers and smiles.

You see, there is a story about our family.... behind this heart of hearts day... behind this Valentines day.. is a fairytale that unfolded....

We celebrate with hanging pink and red felt hearts from our chandelier and stringing hearts of painted wood above the fireplace.


8 years ago today, Mike and I lived our own little fairytale.


February 14, 2003.  The first day we met our little Sam.

I can't even begin to describe those feelings that overcame me as I laid eyes on this beautiful brown eyed boy. He came in the room with arms open wide and a big smile on his face.  Mike and I were overcome with such joy and amazement... our eyes were loaded with happy tears.  I remember those first moments, "Will I cry? Pass out? Jump up and down?"All these emotions rushed through my heart and soul and body.

I couldn't take my eyes off him and immediately he was placed into my arms........ I stood there.... gazing into his eyes and asking the question to myself, "Could this beautiful boy really be my son?" The dreams of wanting so desperately to be a mommy finally came true. God gave me a fairytale with a very happy ending.  The months that turned into years of waiting.... waiting for a baby ... those sad days washed with tears and wondering, "Will I ever be a mommy?"  Those nights that Mike and I prayed and prayed some more.... I realized on February 14, 2003, God "restored the years the locusts had eaten."

God gave me those most amazing gift on that heart filled day.


It was my baby boy. 

I became a mother. 

Mike became a dad.

And Sam received two parents who were so ready to be his mommy and daddy.

I think often of that day... especially the day of hearts and love and pinks and reds.  It represents all things good and beautiful and reminds me that God hears our prayers.  Even when we wonder if he really is listening.

He heard our tear stained words and whispered prayers....... in a little cottage on a bluff in Birmingham, Alabama and He weaved them into the very depths of far east Russia.

He weaved those prayers, from our hearts, into an orphanage and into a little boy with deep brown eyes and a giggly smile.

God knew the entire time that I wanted to have a baby... God knew...

God knew my desires.... He knew my ache....

He knew that Sam would be ours...

He knew that it would have been "catastrophic" for me to get pregnant with my blood condition.  God knew....

I doubted.. but God knew.

I rejoice... I sing.... and today we will celebrate everything we can about love, about adoption... and we'll retell the story to Sam of the day we met him.  We'll look through photo albums and laugh and celebrate with a dinner lit only by candlelight and the love of our little Robinson family.  We'll raise our glasses and say, "Cheers to the King! and I'll whisper, "Thank you King God for this little joy you placed in our arms 8 years ago."

He remembers our heart longings.

He knows our heart desires.

And He restores the years the locusts have eaten.

and.......He... He, our King God, can turn them into a fairytale.

Happy heart filled... God filled....Valentines day to you!