February White Day


Woke up this morning to a winter fairy wonderland in Birmingham, Alabama.

Beautiful. Beautiful. White. Soft. Fluffy. Quiet. God-filled. Wonder.

Something that doesn't come around very much here in the south. Probably much of the north is very tired of this white fairylike stuff, but for me... I want to just look out my window... stare at it.... walk in it... breathe it.. watch the red birds in it....because it will only be here for a little while.


Have been reading on these cold February days Ann Voscamp's new book.. One Thousand Gifts.  It's absolutely wonderful.

Ann is an incredibly gifted writer.  She lives in Canada... on a farm..... with 6 kids and her farmer husband.

and she writes.... and she is helping hearts like mine remember that being thankful is key.... it's joy... and it really can be blissful.

So here are some quotes from Ann:

"Thanksgiving creates abundance and the miracle of multiplying when I give thanks."


"The real problem of life is never lack of time-

The real problem of life is lack of thanksgiving."


"Simplicity is a ultimately a matter of focus.

Eucharisteo- that keeps the focus simple- sacred."

What is Eucharisteo?

In the original language, “gave thanks” is written eucharisteo. He gave thanks. He broke apart. He gave. The bread. Himself. Eucharisteo.


The root word of eucharisteo in the Greek is charis meaning gift or grace. He took the bread and saw it as a gift. He held it and gave thanks. Is not all we have been given us by the Giver of all? Do we see the common like bread and drink as pure grace, unmerited gifts from He who can do nothing but give? Do we take up each moment of life in this way, both the mundane and the trials of life?

( from the Eucharisteo blog)


So with the cold and white outside.

The warmth inside... I want to practice.. to embrace eucharisteo.


 I'm starting my thanksgiving list....... and want to get to 1,000 and beyond....

And so I start:

white wonderland

kid delight...dancing under snow filled sky

warm coffee with cream

a lime green journal...

Paris magnifying glass

So my February question to you?

What are you thankful for?  Let's start our lists!