Welcome 2011!!


Happy 2011 to everyone!!  I am having a late start to the blogging world, but 2011 so far has been extra wintry and lollipop sweet all mixed together!!

First, we had a white Christmas in the deep south!!  First one for our kids....We were in Georgia over Christmas and  it was magical and snowy and white and full of family, good food, laughter and love!  Even in the flurry of driving to and fro.... I LOVE being with our families!

Second, decluttering has begun!  Bring on more closets and drawers and cabinets, etc.! We loaded 12 bags of stuff in our van and headed to Salvation Army. Feels good to get things out of the house!  ( However, I still need some more ghusto to clean out more.... just not feeling it right now.)... can I blame it on really cold temps outside?

Third, our second ice/ snow storm for the SOUTH since Christmas.  The past two days we have been pretty much nestled in our warm home.  Sledded down the street yesterday with neighbors... well, actually the kids and Mike did.  I'm still scared from the "ice fall". But it was great to be outside a little and then extra nice to be back inside by the fire.

Fourth,  Alabama is living in BLISS with their football teams.  I am not a true blood die hard Auburn or Alabama fan but I definitely cheer for them when there are major games on like last night.   Auburn Tigers won national championship!  It was such a great game!  Think I need to watch more football and yell and cheer!  Alabama won last year, so this state is very proud to be home to two championship titles in two years!  Roll Tide and War Eagle... actually I'm not sure if I should use both those phrases in one sentence!

Fifth, time to make goals and themes for the year.  I keep adding and changing my theme for this year... there are just so many great quotes and words to use. 

At first I had...

"Add more sparkle.  And Do and dare" Then, my friend, Katie, told me about her new year's word  and it was:


I like that...


Katie borrowed the idea from a friend who has 8 children.  She said, "When my children look back on the days with me, I want them to remember me smiling." 

Love it.

So I'm borrowing the word too.  The 2011 theme or two words are:





so much to that word.... so so much.

Do we really believe?  And what do we believe?  Well, that is for an entirely different post... and since that is part of my theme for the year.. will definitely be writing about it.

But for now... it's nice to just think.... smile and believe.

And talking about smiling... the guitar painting above is at Saks in Atlanta along with some of my other pieces of art!  yipee! If you are around Phipps in Atlanta.... stop by and see the art display at Saks.( that is... when the ice melts!)

The artists are amazingly talented and I feel honored that my whimsy, wonky art can be in the same room with these artists!

As we move into almost mid January and snow is on the ground in every state of the US except Florida ( news from tonight) ... may we sit by the fire... enjoy some quietness and get ready for this fresh brand new YEAR!


It is here..... so what will it bring?????   

So far..... S N O W!!!!