The Rosie post...



My name is Rosie.  And I'm talking on the blog today. Today my mommy and I made things with buttons and felt and thread! And for the first time in my 4 years, I learned how to sew! That's right... sew with real needle and thread and like to call sewing, "needling".   So here are pics of our time together and oh, do you like my red dress?  I picked it out all by myself and I wish I could wear it every minute!


Buttons... buttons.. which ones to pick.. which colors....My favorite color is pink.


The house of ribbons...


So here is our "making"   My Nana made these really cool bags for all of us grandkids. They are the "Nature bags" and will be loaded with cool things like magnifying glass and journal and watercolors... markers... candy and who knows what else...   I hope it has lots of big packs of raspberry gum. Yum!


My mommy had plans for a long time to stitch the names of all the kids ( cousins and Sam and I) on the bags.. but it wasn't until today that she actually pulled out all the colorful stuff to start "a making" and "needling". 


Here's my needling.... yep, I lovveeee it!


Here is Sam's "needling" work.. and he wanted a football on it.



Here's mine.. do you like it? I sure do!! Mommy let me pick out the ribbon and I wanted the little girls around the ribbon.. so fun!


I keep asking mommy if I can wear this little "Nature pack" to school and she said, Yes! Yipee, I can't wait! And I can't wait to show our cousins their bags too!

Thank you Nana for making these.. I love all the secret pockets inside! yea!

Hope you are having a good Christmas time week!



ps. Nana and Papa, Gee Gee and Da.. I can't wait to see you!!