Advent Prayer part II


Advent Prayer part II, because I forgot to finish my blog post last night!

Here it is in all it's irony....

"Rest now

enjoy the twinkle

but remember the season and

keep it simple.


Rest now

Keep it pure.

Remember to laugh, sing the songs, light the tree,

But keep it simple.


Jesus is here.

Advent among us.

Quiet nights.

Candle light.

Star Light.


Rest now. Be merry now

Give now. Rejoice now.

But remember sweet Jesus.

And love the simple.


  And the oxymoron of it all is that Christmas is far from simple for me in many ways.... I dont' want to just put up one tree.... I like two trees and lots of decorations...... and lots of sparkles everywhere... and glitter and twinkles and the fresh smell of garland. Love it all... and rest? I mean really..... I can't "rest" too much during this time.

But lo and behold... that is what I am doing... what I have to do in order for this "granny" back to heal. And the word..."simple"?

Well, simple can mean so many different things in all of our hearts... it may just mean having one night to read Christmas stories by candelight....or taking a meal to someone who is in need... or just making one morning or hour  or a minute...a time to listen to God's voice.....or reading the Christmas story to children..... simple can be seen in many beautiful, unique ways. 


And what kind of "simple" and "rest" am I learning.... well, I sit here in bed and face reality that it's hard to rest and be still.....and I'm asking God for his view on simple to be my view.

I hear the cars driving by and thinking.. hmm, wondering where they are going... Christmas parties tonight...last minute shopping, seeing friends, celebrating this time.    And then I start thinking, ok, I've only been in bed and in pain for 2 days. But what about all the others out there who are by themselves for Christmas, in pain, grieving... and not just for a few days.

My "simple" this Christmas is taking time to notice... to see..... the hurting.

And to learn a sweet lesson from my Heavenly Father.... compassion. 

And that is something I always need more of.... to think of others.. be compassionate ... to truly be still long enough to think about the broken things in life.. broken people, who are hurting and lonely.  To love in simple's such a big beautiful part of love. That Jesus kind of Love.


And so with this advent prayer.... I still love all the baubles and sparkle....


And hanging stockings and giving presents....


Making gingerbread houses.... and eating lots of cookies....



And sitting among the twinkle lights.....


and little silvery trees.... 

But am praying that God will open my eyes..... to see the hurting...... beyond the sparkles and glitter.

And during this time of "rest"..... He is slowly doing just that.


Thank you sweet Jesus for coming to this earth.

Thank you sweet Jesus for rescuing us.

Thank you sweet Jesus for being my "Joie de Vivre".... my JOY of life.

And may our little family reflect your "Joie de Vivre to others this Christmas season.