Non hurry and Fur Hats


Lots of buzz... twinkle lights, sugar cookies, candy and neighbor kids playing and laughing in our home..... mix it all together and it's been pure Christmasy here on the Bluff.

Our sweet neighbor brought over a handmade St. Basils she created for her school project... isn't it beautiful?  She is letting us keep it here on loan so we played with it and put some little St. Lucia dolls around it... kind of all goes together don't you think...?


I'm sitting here... enjoying these pics and once again remembering to slow down.... because today was my "Slow Down Lesson Day."


And really, if I just watch kids play and see them in the moment and their joy.... I think I would learn something...


To not worry so much about "getting EVERYTHING done on my list in just a few short hours."


And to remember to laugh more....enjoy the moments. Kids aren't telling us.. "ok... hurry up mom." They are more in tune with their simple joys.


And the laughter... Rosie and I had such a great time making pics with daddy's funny furry Russian hat.  Love love her smile! And her smile teaches me so many lessons.  To enjoy moments more and forget about the "hurry" of life.

 But I was a "hurry mom" today.... and when one mixes ice and hurry, it's not a very good combination.

It was icy here in the "ham" but I had places to go, things to get done. And despite my windshield coated with ice along with the entire van, I was still determined to get my "list" done.  I scraped off some of the windshield... hopped in my van and ventured off... but then forgot something.  Raced down the ROCK steps... and realized they were covered in ice.. and then the day changed instantly.....

My legs flew up in the air...I fell and fell hard.... Back hitting rock. Knocking the breath out of me.  Excruciating pain.

Called my hubs, crying, he called EMT people. They came, checked me out and said I needed to go to ER.. headed to ER. Then waited with all the other gazillion peope who fell on ice. ( Dr. said ER was filled to the brim with ICE patients). I ended up being one of the fortunate ones. No breaks or fractures. Just bruised and sore. 

Mike and I headed home and started thinking,  "Wow, I really need to slow down.... to not rush rush."  And it took an icy rock to teach me that this morning.

And if I really watch children more and see their sparkle and twinkles and sugar induced craziness.. maybe I will be a little more gentler with myself and say... "oh, well, let's throw the "list" out the window and just laugh and dance to the Elf song and NOT hurry.  Or rather, for now... I'll just sit in my bed and watch Holiday Inn and everyone else dance to the Elf song. 

So, here I am.. resting for a bit... and remembering God's gentleness with us and how He is never in a rush.... all things he does are beautifully perfect and perfectly beautiful.    And I remember what the 80 something year old, artist, Tasha Tudor said,...." I don't believe in hurry, I like to take things slowly."  Yes, Tasha, I couldn't agree more!!