Happy Santa Lucia Day


It's December 13 and Santa Lucia Day is here!  Also, to Taylor Swift fans.. it's her birthday too!

So in honor of this festive frolicky day... Rosie and I decided to make Santa Lucia dolls!! The time creating/ making/ painting was super fun.... now why don't I do more crafty stuff?  All these pipe cleaners and glitter and ribbons puts my head floating into making magical glittery things! 

Just a tid bit about this Santa Lucia day... "It is one of the most tradional Scandinavian festivals. In the early hours of the morning, the eldest daughter of the house, followed by her attendants, serves steaming coffee and saffron buns.  Dressed in white and wearing a crown of candles, she brings light and hope to the darkest days of winter, and marks the start of the Christmas season."  ( quote from the Rosie Posy cards of how to make the dolls)


I had this "kit" that I bought from Alician Paulson's blog... Rosy Posy.. ( one of my favorite blogs out there) for two years and now was the time to take it off the top shelf in Rosie's closet and begin a tradition of making little crafts at Christmas.  ( it's really fun having a girl to do crafts with.. love it!!)   So we painted.....and cut little pieces of floral fabric...


Made faces....


and soon... the wooden pieces and pretty fabric....


Turned into magical Santa Lucia dolls!


Rosie picked out her favorite fabric and I picked out mine....  Rosie is the "eldest and only girl" so she is automatically the Santa Lucia girl with the crown of candles.


And we are holding silvery wands....


With a pink glittery glow on the end of each wand...


All in a line.... following our leader, Rosie. La de da da....



And we each have a sparkle house.  Here's mine called "Apple House Delight"


Rosie's home is "Gumdrop Wonder."



And this little doll is Pippa and her house is called, "Candycane Love"


Such a fun little time making these girls.......  it's a great start to this Christmas season!!