Heart paint


November is....

absolutely beautiful!! Birmingham is glowing in yellows, reds and oranges!

And November is also....

 National Adoption Month!!....which is very near and dear to our family's heart since we have two little Russian children in our family! And November 7th was orphan Sunday so I've been thinking about the preciousness of adoption quite a bit these fall days.


And in thinking about the 147 million orphans in the world, I've been wondering and praying about how I can put together some art pieces that represent the orphans around the world... so I kept thinking.. and then.... something  happened...!


Rosie and I walked into one of our favorite store.. (yes, "our"-Rosie loves this store too!... love my little shopper girl!) World Market and there in front of our eyes were two beautiful displays of.....

Russian whimsical doll plates and platters and napkin rings and the list goes on!  And the left display had little China doll plates and platters and napkin rings and ornaments!

Rosie and I looked at each other and were in "awe"! Here in front of us was a glimpse of the other part of the world! Wow, sooo much whimsy love fun before our eyes!  We were very excited as we looked through everything and loved loved both displays... felt like God was saying... "Here, Tricia, is your inspiration!" Love how God works!!! He is so good!


 We carefully selected some fun plates and napkin rings.....


And I told myself... "ok... buying the plates can be Rosie's Christmas present /aka an excuse to get some of these treasures!IMG_5967

Then on Sunday, we headed to church and they asked all the families who have adopted children here in the states and around the world to go up front.....  many families walked up! It was amazing to see the adoption heart of the body of Christ! We stood beside a family who just brought home their little girl from China and they have a little boy from Guatemala... we walked up with a family who adopted 3 girls from Russia, and we stood behind a mom who adopted 3 children here in Alabama... the list goes on and on and on... I am sitting here smiling just thinking about these families.



And so with the inspiration from the World Market dolls that sparkled out to to Rosie and I .. and with the inspiration from church on Sunday..... and with it being the official adoption month,  and orphan Sunday...I started a little work in my studio... painting some Russian and China dolls.... it's been lots of fun!


Little Russian girl....


Little China girl....


"The religion that God accepts as pure and faultless is to look after orphans and widows in their distress and keep oneself from being polluted by the world." ( James 1:27)

Beautiful verse... beautiful to remember and see that God has a big heart for those who have no mommy or daddy... and God has a big heart for widows and those in need.

 I'm praying this month... that God will open our hearts more to see the needs around us. To be "God's hand" to our neighbors and ones in need.....And I'm also praying for the children out there in the world... and that God will place on peoples hearts that sweet direction to adopt a little one.  Just one little life is so precious to God and can truly add to a family in the most amazing God-blessed way!!!

Happy Friday to you all!!