Yellow Days


Yellow... Yes, the color is here! Bright orange yellows! Burnt yellow! Soft yellow and deep yellow and lemon yellow!

Love love love the colors of the trees in our yard.... am continually amazed by this beauty that is straight from God!

Thinking about the verses.." The wilderness turns cartwheels... the trees of the forest join the choir."


Yes, these trees are in the choir and singing very happily so I had to get out of the studio and "listen" to them...and make an outdoor studio for a few days of sunshine and blue skies!


love: these magical fall days with sunshine and seeing the shiny yellow.


love: for clouds and rain... and mist and fog...and yellow leaves forming glowing carpets in just one hour of wind.IMG_5919


 No rush to rake up these leaves... the trees are still in their choir singing... singing.

More love:

 Walking outside and smelling the mix of leaves and fresh rain.... 

 Breathing in "Autumn"...  remembering: childhood memories: being 8, playing in the woods, running into piles of leaves.being carefree. no worries....only worry was what we were going to have for dinner that night and if "Little House on the Prairie" would be on tv.

 Remembering the woodsmoke smell that floated from the chimneys in our little neighborhood of Cedartown, Ga.

Yes, I can sit in November and enjoy a bit more... these yellow days!