Somewhere over the Rainbow and past Waffle House...


Somewhere over the rainbow and past Waffle House...., we headed "under the rainbow" and up the road and around some hills to my brother's house in Georgia this past weekend.


 Saturday we started our project time!

Loved the family-ness of all of us hanging out together and working on a project. My cousin, Jan, from Washington state was visiting and my parents came up for the day so we had a spur of the moment family reunion. Loved it!


Let me go back a bit and explain about our art "project". My brother came up with an idea to have a 3-D type of painting made of wood. It would have some cut out pieces that would go on top of the wooden canvas. For example, a cut out bike layered onto the canvas and  mounted with little wooden dowels. We cut out the pieces one Saturday ( I put pics of it on the blog earlier) and then I took the cut out wooden pieces home and painted everything, then brought them back this weekend to put it all together.  We had such a great time working on it and putting it together. Something special about doing a project all together and especially with my fam!


While all the adults were inside working on the art projects, the kids were outside creating their own project... a fort!!

We all took turns going on the fort tour.  You can see my cousin's legs outside of the fort! That reminds me of the Wizard of Oz or sometthing where legs are sticking out. The kids even put a sunroom in the fort.. love their little minds at work!


Then, with some packing squishy stuff, Callie turned into a beautful bride with veil and flowing train. Really, why do we have tons of toys when all we need is cardboard, tape and packing white stuff??


Back on the inside project: the owls are almost done for Callie's room.  Brent picked out a really great verse on wisdom to go with the owl painting.  Mom is putting the finishing touches on the "daddy owl".


And the boys having fun with the stick-on leaves and flowers.  Brent, Mike and Jan..... gotta love family!


All these pics were with the iphone, so kind of blurry, but you get the idea of the final painting. Some of it is raised off the background... owls, sun, branch, hearts.  Makes me happy to see it in it's finished phase and on the wall! 



And the bike is raised off of the background too!  Rooms for nieces complete!  An art project I will always remember!

Now, let's see, what project should we work on next?  I am loving this wood theme!  hmmm.... maybe need to break out the jigsaw from storage shed. Mike, what do you think?

P.S.... A little tidbit about family.  We drove home ( 2.5 ) hour drive and when we walked into the door of our house, Mike said.. "I forgot my backpack"... meaning computer bag.. work stuff.. had to have it by Monday.  So he was planning on driving back to Brent's house on Sunday.  But then Jan, our cousin, said he'd bring it to us and he arrived Sunday morning carrying the backpack!  What a gift of time he gave! Thank you so much Jan! 

Thinking about the weekend, it's a reminder to cherish these moments.  It's not everyday we work on projects together and have my parents, my cousin from Washington state, my brother, nieces, Mike, our kids and I all under one roof. It was extra special. 

Happy November fall days to you all... not very long until Thanksgiving!