Candy Land!


It's T I M E!!!  The night all kids are waiting for.... where neighborhoods turn into magic lands......normal homes turn into willy wonka type houses .... baskets and bowls of candy... on each porch... even if the owners are not home.... !  It's a child's dream!


Let the fun begin!  And so we make out way into the depth of Halloween land with our annual trick or treat family.. the Whitsons!


Belle, Pocahantus and John Smith... where is Sam? Oh, I think he is already running around with the candy buZZZ!


And after going into true Halloweenville (aka Homewood), walking up and down streets and sidewalks, kids skipping, running, laughing, being a little scared at times, eating candy along the way...... we safely made it back home. Immediately inside the house, army man and Belle headed to the Sunroom.....  laying out the stash! True Candy Craze began.....counting the candy... organizing... categorizing.... eating... counting some more..... crunching on suckers....all that good stuff! (Sam was very sweet to give Mike and I all the chocolate! yum!)


I love love this night of Trick or Treat!! Mike and I always enjoy watching the kids count the candy... remembering our own Halloween nights of growing up and the stories of being with family, counting candy, the 70's type outfits we wore. And without fail, every Halloween I smell the orange pumpkin buckets and get a big whiff of nostalgia... it completely takes me back to when I was little... my brother and I sitting on our orange/ brown swirly 70's carpet in Cedartown, Ga and counting the candy.... eating it while counting and enjoying the "buzz" of candyville, just like our own kids.

October fun night is almost feeling draggy from the chocoloate bars, twizzlers, nerds, butterfingers..... ready for some sleep... and tomorrow we'll wake up and....

 welcome November.