Amazing Gift


So much to share these days....about art and life and ideas taking shape and forming. But all that will come up soon! God is at work.... truly everywhere. And with so much going on... these days I see more of a need to listen... to His voice.  And what God is showing me at this time... this place in life... is to stop

and enjoy the days and remember to.......


and as Andi Ashworth so sweetly states...   "to delight in the AMAZING GIFT of being human."

So remembering that gift..... and one aspect of being human is play..... be childlike.

And sometimes that means saying "yes" to one thing... no to the other things......No phone calls. No emails. No computer. No rushing here or there..

Just simple play.


And I will have to say that playing can be extra fun when there are story boards/ paper dolls and fun places to decorate and bring to life!


And extra extra fun when there is a pink involved with a true "glamping" scene. This is a beautiul picture of glamour camping! Yes! I think Rosie and I could camp right here in this picture!  Hammock.. check.. smores... check... pink striped tent... check... tea... check!! ... oh and paper lanterns strung through the trees... check.. check!!

Honestly, sometimes  I have to actively put things down.. ( laundry, paint brush, dishes) and remind myself.... play is so important.... just taking time out of the day to sit back..... let my imagination run with Rosie's imagination and go into her world of make believe!   It's so good when I do that.  But oh, I need to do it more! 


I am learning and reading more about some really cool things going on and one is called the Art House in Nashville, Tennessee. It is truly amazing and inspiring and I have read as much as I can get my hands on about this magical place. The owners of this home are Charlie Peacock and Andi Ashworth.  And the more I read about Andi Ashworth, the more I see her as a mentor in my life.  As someone who is passing down wisdom and insight from her years of living. So I wanted to share her words about living....


"I want to become a woman wise enough to delight in the amazing gift of being human. I don't want the brightness to slowly leak out of me because I settled for the dulling effects of a life without play. For as long as I'm able I want to swim like a fish, ride my bike, read poetry and novels, and walk in the beauty of God's creation. I want to play board games and dance with my grandchildren under the disco ball. I'm fifty-four now, but when I'm older, I hope I'll be able to say along with the poet Mary Oliver, "Though I'm not twenty and won't be again but ah! seventy. And still in love with life. And still full of beans."

Isn't that wonderful!  How I want that to be in my life too!  To truly" delight in the amazing gift of being human!" Oh, much to learn from her! 

And here is some more info about Andi and Charlie:

A native Californian, Andi Ashworth has lived in Nashville, Tennessee with her family since 1989. Andi is a writer (author of Real Love for Real Life: The Art and Work of Caring), gardener, cook, a lover of good books, and has recently finished her Master of Arts in Theological Studies.


Andi partners with her musical husband, Charlie Peacock, in the non-profit work of Art House America, a 501c3. The Art House America mission is to contribute to the making of artists and artful people who become highly imaginative and creative culture makers, who continue to mature spiritually, love well, and make known the kingdom of God. Andi and Charlie's home, the Art House, a one-hundred-year-old, renovated country church provides the setting for their work, which includes owning and operating a recording studio, and running award-winning music/film production and publishing companies.

So there is a little tid bit about some people who are out there... doing remarkable things!  I just love their mission...

"contributing to the making of artists and artful people who become highly imaginative and creative culture makers"...and with that..... learning to love well..... and making known the Kingdom of God!  Plus, they live in a renovated country church!  

So with their inspiration.... my mind and heart flow with ideas to make my own little "art house" here in Birmingham, the starting point: I'll think about this:

" I want to become a woman wise enough to delight in the amazing gift of being human!"