Happy Land


Ok.. I just have to post a few more pics of the special weekend my mom shared at the beach!

Love the September days of longer shadows.... and the sunlight flittering through the trees. Longer shadows mean hopefully some cooler days!  But it is still hot in Birmingham.  I am waiting.. waiting along with other Southerners for the true Autumn to greet us soon!

But despite heat in Birmingham, it's another happy day on the "magical airstream avenue" of Seaside.


I've had pics of this Frost Bites airstream before... but the shadows make it look a little different and it does beg to be painted!  Another sweet beachy thing added to my list to paint!


And dear Pickets....


My favorite little garden place....

 It was closed the weekend my mom and I were down there.  But it was extra special to find out at my dentist appt ( two days after returning back to Birmingham from magic beach land)  that the sweet lady who cleaned my teeth actually spent many summers in that same house! Her grandmother owned the "Picket's house" and the dental hygeniest said that she has the sweetest memories of spending summers in the Seagrove cottage by the sea.  She talked about cookouts on the back stone patio, how there were no stores around and one had to drive 40 minutes or more to a grocery  The town of Seaside was only in someone's heart during her childhood, so the little beach cottage held much quietness and strength and loving history before the "boom" came to 30-A. 

And when I think about it..... the special places we love and the houses that warm our spirits are only special and only warm because of the hearts and lives that have touched our own.  It's not just the town or the house... it's the love that we have felt in that place....... the bond with others.... the tender delight in laughter, sharing stories, cooking together, and just living and loving.

That is why I love 30A.. yes, it is absolutely beautiful... gorgeous... magical.

And it's those things because of the love I have felt there... with my family and friends.... seeing God's beauty everywhere, sharing moments of life... whether it's a bike ride to the ocean or just cooking a meal together.

It's all with love.... and that makes my heart...


Happy Monday to you all!