The Art of Seeing


Want to share something sweet and wonderful that I've been reading the past few weeks.  It's a little book called, Lost in Wonder, by Esther De Waal.  A few years ago, I discovered  this author and she has had helped me understand in deeper ways...the beautiful "art of seeing".  And she has taught me more about this special word....

w o n d e r



Having a sense of wonder...... seeing the way God made things..... noticing the tiny... the small....... slowing down to enjoy the moments of the day.... whether that's noticing the morning sunlight...... playing games with the kids.... or just watching the hummingbird at dinner time.  It's about "seeing" in new ways. And amid this busy,  list making, on-going schedules that we have in our culture... it's all the more important for me... remember..... recapture that child-like sense of wonder... remembering not to hurry.. hurry... but to slow really "see".

And I think the more I learn about "seeing" and slowing down and having a restful heart, the more full my life will be and the more I will see it in that pure, honey-sweet, God-filled way.

Esther De Waal starts out in the first chapter of the book explaining some tools to use.....

"Much of this book will be about the sense of awe in the midst of daily life, about seeing, the art of seeing. For this reason, I want to suggest making regular use of a magnifying glass during this retreat."


Have you ever picked up a magnifying glass to look at a flower?  I remember the first time I looked at a  Zinnia( with magnifying glass)... I was completely amazed at all the tiny starbursts inside the flower!  It was swirl around swirl of all these little flowers inside the big flower.  To think....this magnified piece of glass can open up a new world of discovery....... a treasure hunt with kids....a great "tool/toy" for camping/ vacation.  But what I love most is that it has taught me more about noticing the smaller things.... the quieter things of God's creation.


So for the past several years, I've collected two magnifying glasses...... and I love using them!  It really does help me stop for a while..... and learn more about seeing and being attentive. ( I kind of feel like a pretend naturalist!)

As we start this September.... I hope we can all learn more about enjoying the days.. the moments of this Autumn which we are settling into.  I love love love this time of year!  I smile even thinking about crisp weather and sweaters and butternut squash soup! And I'm looking forward to learning more about the beautiful art of "seeing" and discovering the wonders of God... everywhere!

Happy September to each of you!  May this Autumn be WONDER- FILLED!