Little Dreamy House


If you could imagine a little dream house that is just big enough for two.. what would it look like?

Well.... here is one that looks like it fluttered right out of a story book.


The outside is quaint and cute enough... but oh, wait until you see the inside....



Now this is fairy land....


And I bet if you look around... you could see fairy dust glittering....


Little.. white... simple.. yet... so soo pretty!


The creator of this little dream house....


And the dishes put snuggly away in it's magical cabinet.

Just wanted to share these photos with you. The lady who had this little house built for her has gained national attention with articles written and even ended up in the New York Times!

Here is her sweet website.... fun to fly away into fairy land every once in while.  I think it's good for our hearts and souls:)

Now on another fairy note......... can you feel "fall" coming?  We finally are getting a break from the heat and I'm so excited about Autumn.  Each morning as Rosie and I walk out to the car, Rosie reminds me,"Mommy, fall is on it's way." So funny, because she talks as if fall is a person.  And it's fun to think of it that way... a greeting of someone special and one we have been waiting for.  That someone who brings cool weather and pumpkins, costume parties and bonfires at night.  Oh, can't wait!

Aren't changing of the seasons wonderful?!