Vera Bradley= Barbara Baekgaard


Did you know that the owner of Vera Bradley is Barbara Baekgaard?  Well, I have some fun little tid bits about this very creative and business savvy lady!  She truly changed the way luggage looked... she added color and whimsy, frolick and fun! 

And...she has a house in Seaside, Florida!

And....I was able to meet her one day in Rosemary Beach! She was really sweet and it was one of those moments where I thought to myself after meeting her, "Now, why didn't I say how much I loved all her bags... la la la!"

She has a good friend who is also a designer and he had me create some Christmas presents for her ( map girls!). I was so excited to actually make some map girls that would hang in Barbara Baekgaard's home!


I found this article just yesterday on the Country Living website and it had photos of Baekgaard's home in Seaside. And thought to myself, "Oh, maybe I'll see a painting of the map girls in her house!" But to no avail... I didn't see a photo of them.  Zero.  Oh, well. Maybe someday, something like that will happen.


I still have dreams of Taylor Swift having a painting of mine hanging in her house.


or Amy Grant... ( she has been one of my all time favorite singers since 7th grade. First time I saw her was at Six Flags with my youth group.)  However, sadly to say, we youthies didn't really care about the concert. We  actually had to leave the concert early because we were throwing things around... talking.... and not "Behaving"..... typical Jr. High ways... oh, the days!

 Amy Grant...Tender Tennessee Christmas song... the best! El Shaddai.... Angels....Straight Ahead.... Father's Eyes.. I could go on and on...


Now, back to Vera Bradley... really Barbara's house.


Airy and Bright!  But missing some map girls!


Oh, this photo makes me want to pack up my bags right now and head south to 30 A!

This sweet stretch of beach has held so many wonderful memories... truly has created a strong sense of place in my heart.

This place.. this magical place made me feel like a real artist when I was just a "baby artist".. starting out.. vulnerable... insecure about my art..... but then, so excited to paint and see this whole new world open up.. a world with paint and brush... and canvas... and it all started on 30A.

This place.... It gave me wings. 

This place...where Barbara Baekgaard has a house.. along with Miley Cyrus......some country music stars......celebrities....and oh, I think the list could go on for a while.  But I love it not for the names.. or the "so called beachy glitz"... but for the simple purity... the beauty... the bike paths... memories already made with family and friends.......this place holds dreams and strength... and comfort and happiness. And I love love it!

So with that being said.....

August is moving along....September on it's way....summer beach days are winding down.... I can feel fall in the air and it feels